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I can't believe no one's made a crack on it being Geoff Johns

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The only person powerful enough to defeat Michael is the Presence (in other words, God). Even Lucifer lost to him.

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@mrdecepticonleader said:

I do actually wonder if anyone really doesn't believe the sun exists on here.

There is somebody out there who doesn't think the moon is the moon. They think it is just a light scource or something like that.

........ -_____-

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@bezza said:


Fair point, but most people reading comics and seeing the films in 2014 weren't around in the Golden age. People my age (40s) had their first experience of Superman thanks to the Donner, "boy scout" Superman movies....hence the general popular view that Superman is a big boy scout!

One of the good things about New 52 Superman has been getting away from the boy scout persona.

That might actually hurt him. look at Captain America. Boy scout whose is gaining in popularity.

He's really not a boy scout in either the comics or movies. He has an old-fashioned approach, but he's not a "boy scout" at all.

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Yeah, Captain America had some emotional deaths too. Look where he is now

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Who knows? It's not like he's far behind, and he's more iconic. Just remember, Batman was once Adam West, and his movies had bat-nipples. Anyone can bounce back from rock bottom, so how much more so when you're second place?

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Really, this only started to spring up again after the New 52, and it was because he brutally humiliated Batman, whom everyone always saw as the "one man who beat him" (which wasn't even true). Just check out Superman vs Green Lantern and Batman on YouTube. It's full of people hating on Superman being such a jerk and too powerful, and how Batman would totally have taken him down easily if he had prep, etc.

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Superman is not soloing. God mode Wonder Woman and Orion together were getting manhandled by the First Born. He's easily brought several gods to their knees, if not killed them. Assuming the two of them could take First Born, and that's a 50/50 imo, Superman could never, ever do this alone. This is most definitely a team effort

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Team 1, I'd daresay in a stomp

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@comicstooge said:

@legacy6364 said:

@comicstooge said:

@legacy6364: Nope. Earth's 6000 years old.

I have the word of The Lord to back me up. All you've got is a bunch of bogus 'theories' that no one can prove. Haha, I bet you feel silly now.

The creator Himself bestowed me with the ability to spell 'straight' correctly

It is scientifically proven that Earth is a lot older than 6000 years. I think you're trolling.

Would you rather believe a bunch of humans, or an all perfect, omnipotent being?

Lets simply agree to disagree.

He's just poking fun at the stereotype die-hard/ignorant Christian (a lot misunderstand the term "day" used in the Bible to mean literal 24 hours, as opposed to referring to an age or epoch).