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...Isn't poison actually a dude?

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I always saw Gotham as New Jersey at night

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@guru_crack: You are entitled to think whatever you want, good sir

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@guru_crack: Spider-Man is actually a lot more popular than Batman. In fact, the gap between Spider-Man and Batman is much larger than the one between Batman and Superman.

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@izaiah said:

There's barely a difference from the previous costume. Unsure how one could hate this one and like the past one.

Even Star Wars fans are easier to please than Comic Book fans (I daresay, DC fans). Which disappoints me to no end - almost literally every time something happens, there's nothing but whining or complaining.

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Off-topic; that image of Wolverine (Hellverine LOL?) makes me wonder how Logan would do with a yellow power ring

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Vikings get absolutely slaughtered, and so do the Samurai. Knights and Saracens were pretty neck and neck - just look at the first three campaigns of the Crusades. That was basically one long Knights vs Saracens war, which was a back-and-forth until Richard started winning all the battles just shy of Jerusalem, having abandoned the whole campaign due to running too low on supplies.

Technologically, Knights and Saracens are far beyond Vikings and Samurai as well, not to mention their ores were of much better quality - especially metal in the Middle East, like Damascus steel (which was the best quality metal during the middle ages, iirc). Samurai were the least advanced, save for their metal forging techniques (which were created out of necessity - ore in Japan was of crap quality, so they REALLY had to work it to make it viable). Their armor was (again iirc) also designed primarily for defense against flying arrows, not bladed weaponry.

Vikings are probably the most disadvantaged in this scenario, due to them being marauders. Vikings carried out raids, they weren't military regiments. Attacking in mass numbers means that the Vikings would be the least organized of them all, and in a battle between two armies, that's almost as good as writing them off.

So I'd rate it as;

  • Knights
  • Saracens
  • Vikings / Samurai (either/or for 3rd and 4th)
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@mrnoital said:

@spidey_jackson said:

I'll take mass murdering Supes over bland supes.


I find it a little annoying when people call him a murderer, murder has a few stipulations


  1. 1.the unlawful premeditated killing of one human being by another.

unlawful, sure any deaths might fall under that one, but premeditated, that was all Zod, Kal tried to stop the murder, and then there's the human part (but I think we can overlook that)

there's also that fact that it's questionable if he killed anyone at all, he broke an awful lot of glass, but there wasn't much that he did that guarantees he killed anyone

Exactly. Superman was working directly with the US military against the Kryptonian invading forces. He was effectively acting as a soldier in that regard. To say killing Zod or any of his cronies would have constituted murder is absurd. Also, deaths were confirmed to have taken place due to the World Engine. None are known to have been caused by the scrap between Supes and Zod tho.

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Kinda reminds me of a living World Engine. And his powers are pretty cool, I say bring him on.