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Great so far. Only complaint is that I had to wait 2 hours for the patch to download. My internet is fast, I can usually dl a 3gb file in less than 30 min. Probably because so many people were downloading it at the same time.

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The more I see this costume, the less I like it. It's like Finch just took her old costume and thought "how much crap can I throw onto it?" and designed this. It's too much. Not only are her legs covered, but it seems like she is wearing a skin-tight catsuit under all the other stuff. The costume could have been just another mediocre attempt at recreating her suit, but the shoulder armour and the thigh-high boots ruin it. The skirt also looks lazy and boring compared to Fabrok's armoured skirt.

Wonder Woman is a fantasy character of classical myth and her costume should reflect that. This new costume doesn't fit that at all. It looks like a stupid sci-fi costume.

Hopefully the Finch's tenure on WW isn't long so we can get a experienced writer and an artist that can actually design a good costume.

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I hope not. Doomsday only reason to exist is to kill Superman. After that, he became completely uninteresting. He's not a character, but a plot device. Save him until a solo MoS sequel, kill Supes, then ressurrect him in the next movie.

If Lex is to create something using Kryptonian DNA that will become a threat to B&S, they could easily make it Bizarro.

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Buddy cop with John as the older, weary GL and Guy as the hotshot loose cannon. Pretty much Lethal Weapon on space.

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Na, but I'd like to see him as the power behind a president.

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I've seen her in several movies and she's an okay actress. But, she usually plays a very quiet stoic character. I think Diana needs to be more larger, personality wise.

She is also as thin as Gal. So there would be the same complaints about her body frame as Gal has gotten.

If only Monica Bellucci was 20 something years younger she'd be perfect.

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Ha, that video made me realize how monochrome FO3 was. A dash of colour goes a long way. But the new game looks way better, so I'm not concerned at all.

Anyway, I really don't care that much about graphics in a Fallout-like game. It could be using the FO3 graphics and I wouldn't care as long as there is improvements in interactivity, gameplay, combat, crafting, roleplaying, etc.

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@brettjett: I'm interested. What did Marston believe about blond people?

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I dunno why people have such a problem with it in the first place. It made sense in-story and was emotionally resonant. It was done much better than Batman 'indirectly' killing at least 4 people with no remorse in his recent trilogy.

And the criticism that many people brought up: "Thousands already died, what difference would it make if one more family died." First of all, If Superman just allowed several people to be burned to death right in front of him, he would be a monster. Secondly it actually is a better way to emotionally sympathize with few people than it is with thousands or millions. One or a few people die and it is a tragedy, millions die and it is a statistic.

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Well if you are rich with money to spare, I guess it's okay. But I can imagine much better things to spend 50k on.