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Yes. She is one of my favourite female writers working today. She can inject some much needed personality into Diana (since new52 Diana is kinda boring) and provide those nice character moments that Captain Marvel had. As long as editorial lets her do her thing and not stifle her (as her Marvel run was with constant crossovers), she will do great.

And almost anyone with writing experience would do better than a novice nepotism eater like Finch.

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I called it back when it was rumoured she'd be Carrie Kelley.

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I never noticed how ridiculously long the ears are while I was playing the game.

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I really hope they try to diversify their animated slate. I'm really getting tired of Batman, Batman, JL, Batman, Superman movies.

I want DC to make another WW movie. Though (if she gets popular enough from SS) Harley may get a animated movie.

Wishful thinking, I want a JSA movie.

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Year One - By far the best Batman origin story (yeah, 9000x better than Zero Year)

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There are university courses that teach comics using literary analysis. So comics are becoming more accepted as a genuine art form.

It would be a good idea to teach comics in elementary/high schools. I assume kids would be more interested in a comic book than a 100 year old novel or 500 year old plays.

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Comic publishers should represent people from all walks of life, but not in the cheap, lazy, gimmicky way Marvel (and to a lesser extent DC) have been lately.

Making a formerly straight, white, male charatacer a minority doesn't really do any favours to minorities. It just makes it seem like the only way minorities can succeed is by copying the dominate race/gender/sexuality. If comics want to actually make a concerted effort to support minorites, they should promote the ones they do have or create new ones.

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Star Wars has already hit it's lowest point during the prequels. Nothing Mr Abrams can do would make it worse. So any way the movie comes out will be a step up for the series.

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Jimmy is someone Clark can hang out with and have fun.

I don't see Clark ever going to see a crappy horror movie with Bruce and going out for pizza later.

I'd call Batman and Superman's relationship the highest respect rather than general friendship.

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The fact that DC has made Diana and the Amazons all about war and jettisoned everything else.