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1:25 Variant cover by AMANDA CONNER

On sale OCTOBER 15 • 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US • RATED T

Retailers: This issue will ship with three covers. Please see the order form for more information.

Harley continues with her toxic Max Macabre relationship – but everything changes when Power Girl comes crashing into Coney Island from outer space! PG has a severe case of amnesia, and Harley is happy to remind her that they are best friends – and a crimefighting team!

Granted, amnesia is a sloppy storytelling technique. However, could this lead to a new personality for PeeGee to undo the character assassination comitted by Paul Levitz? Or will it be a throwaway story?

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Samurai wins because:

  • trained for dueling > Spartan who are trained to fight in combination
  • folded steel > iron age weapons and armour

though the matchup is kinda one sided, Samurai had over a 1000 years of technological advancement over the Spartans

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Jimmy Palmiotti

Alex Ross (he worked on the story for KC and co-wrote some issues of JSA)

Chuck Dixon

Kelly Sue DeConnick

Geoff Johns (just because he has been hit or miss lately, doesn't mean he didn't write great stuff before)

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Superman isn't a god.

This very critism was dealt with in the first Superman movie. Jor-El told him he can't do everything for the world because nothing would progress; he is there to save people and to set an example.

And he is not omnipotent. He physically can't stop everything, Pa Kent dying of a heart attack showed him that.

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Since you put her there, Power Girl. Though the only chance she will have of showing up is if the Kara Zor-El from the prequel comics uses that name and not 'Supergirl'.

Runner up and more likely, Black Canary.

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Superman. He's been my favourite hero since I was a kid. He represents everything a superhero should strive for.

I like Batman, but in smaller doses than DC wishes. DC also has a tendancy to make him better than he really should be (smartest, most attractive to women, richest, best fighter, best detective, best tactician, etc, etc, etc) I will not mention the horde of obnoxious batfanboys.

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Opera + Metal = Syphonic metal

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Alfred Hitckcock is a prophet!!! The birds want their revenge!!!

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Well it certainly is a step up from what he's been doing lately. Last I saw him he was in a terrible and offensive sitcom playing a gay stereotype.

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I'm glad there isn't a drastic change in the suit. It wouldn't make sense since it is a Kryptonian suit (come to think of it, how did he make the little changes that there are?)

And I like the new slicker haircut