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@Strider92: He's current but has no TP do u think lizard should be moved up to above wolverine?? or possibly be removed all together??

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Chief has no prep or prior knowledge of combatants but is revived after every battle.

He starts 40 yards from each. They fight in downtown NYC and can use any buildings to their advantage.

1. DareDevil (standard weapons) - Chief assault rifle and magnum.

2. Bane (AK47 and Promethium battle axe) - Chief -Battle Rifle/Shotgun infinite ammo

3. The Lizard ( no Telepathy, no weapons) - Chief- Any human weapon but spartan laser or rocket launcher or sticky mines

4. IronFist (Chi on)- Chief- Dual Pistols ( halo 1 ) 2 clips each.

5. Hawkman (standard weapons) - Chief- Battle Rifle/Shotgun/Bruteshot

6. Luke Cage ( Vibranium Firemans Axe) - Chief - Shotgun/Gauss gun/SentinalBeam (Halo 2)

7. Wolverine (Adamantium Claws) - Chief - any human weapon but spartan laser, rocket launcher, or sticky mines

Level UP!!

8. Venom (eddie brock) - Chief- any human or covenant weapon, one shot with the rocket launcher,but no spartan laser, or their alien equivalents- the sword is allowed

9. Scarlet Spider - Kaine (no camo)- same weapons as before

10. Boba Fett- (all weapons but no ship) - Chief gets same weapons

11. Deathstroke (promethium sword, new 52 armour, but all feats are game)- chief gets the same weapons

12. Ares( Marvel version, axe)- Chief gets any weapons but only 1 shot with rocket/fuel rod/incineration cannon for each weapon. No Spartan lazer.

I know the order of these is VERY arguable, Ares is only included as a street leveler because he has been written down but he's also the last guy.

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Spidey has full information of abilities, back rounds and personalities on Batman Superman Wonder Woman Hal Jordan Barry Allen and Aquaman. (these are the only JLA members in this fight).

Spidey has 6 months prep time and access to any resource in the marvel universe that he can get his hands on. (obviously things like the infinity gauntlets and reality warping objects are out).

He can gain access to objects by asking people for them but no one can help him in the fight. For example he could go to Reed Richards for materials or objects ect but reed can't help him plan. He could some how get to Asgard I guess but Thor cant help him fight. Doc Strange could give him an object but he would have to figure out how to use it on his own.

The JLA have no prep and get teleported into downtown NYC when Spidey's 6 months are up.

Round 1 JLA are New 52

Round 2 JLA are Pre- New 52

Could he pull it off or does he end up as a red and blue smear on the pavement?

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The Rancor aka big ugly monster from jabba's palace. vs King Kong from his the latest Kong movie.

(sorry there are no pics I dont know how to get them in the correct format)

Any Rancor feats from any starwars comics and books may be used.

Round 1 they fight in the Roman Colosseum

Round 2 They fight in the Jungle (any jungle really)


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Hellboy should take the majority here. I agree Luke is stronger but Hellboy's strength is no joke either. The key for hellboy is his awesome healing factor. He's ran straight into machine gun fire until he reached the gun and smashed it. He's been impaled on multiple occasions and just keeps fighting. He's fought Demons and giants the size of castles with little issue and taken on hordes of undead so luke isnt intimidating anyone here. He's also more agile than people give him credit for and he has a notorious good luck streak. Luke is tough and has some impressive feats but I'm gonna say big red takes this 7/10 but every battle is a great one.

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Neither starts with any weapons No prep Morals on, if they had any lol They fight in a large office with desks chairs ect anything found there can be used as a weapon. Fight!

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Beast would win handily. He vastly outranks Kurt in strength is similar in speed and quickness and is far more intelligent. He is also quite durable and has an impressive healing factor (he's taken machine gun fire before) which would negate a lot of sword damage if he gets hit. We've already established that he should be able to track the sulfur smell to time kurt's attacks. Kurt wins if his morals are off and he can port beasts head off otherwise beast pummels him rather easily

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Cheetah is formidable and she has tanked hits from WW and others so Apocalypse isn't one shotting her for sure. Her speed poses a problem for apoc as well. The fact that she can battle wonder woman shows that she is probably in his range in strength. However, where apocalypse wins this fight is with his versatility. With his shape shifting / telepathy/ teleportation/ and density control she will be over whelmed. He can attack her mentally and physically (kind of like a weaker despero) at the same time. His shape shifting and density control will allow him to absorb her many hits (she will get a ton in) and his teleportation will buffer her great speed advantage.

The first mutant takes this

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If i remember right i believe tony has some TP resistance. Hulk does as well. Hulk just has to resist long enough to smash her. Ms Marvel is tough but she can take hulk and tony together. Spidey (if his mind isn't previously turned to jelly) would stomp a rouge who doesn't have ms marvels powers. If she does I still don't see her putting down hulk or tony they are both beasts these days.

Im not sure what was meant by the ops pictures. if storm is included than this is a stomp in the womens favor if not than the avengers win in a good fight.

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Hey good Fight! Doesn't Kaine lack spider sense? I kind of always thought thats what allowed spidey to trump kurt in most situations. Kaine outclasses kurt in every way but without spider sense i don't see anything that would save him from getting his head ported off by a bloodlusted nightcrawler. kurt wins. with invisibility Kaine wrecks him.