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X-force includes Wolverine, Deadpool, Fantomex (misdirection enabled), Archangel, X-23, Domino

Spider-team includes Spiderman (peter parker), Scarlet Spider (kaine), Venom (eddy), Lizard (Current TP enabled), Black Tarantula

Just a nasty bloody fights with some of my favorite characters (and domino lol)

Deadpool, Domino, and Fantomex all have unlimited ammo with average weapons, fantomex has his pistols, deadpool (2 uzi's, an A-1 full auto shot gun, grenades, and katanas), Domino gets 2 dessert eagles and an UMP 45 machine gun and barret 50 cal sniper. Fantomex gets twin dessert eagles, a katana and grenades but NO EVE.

Can team stabby stabby bang bang take the spider power houses?

No prep the fight in down town new york with lots of over turned vehicles as cover etc.

Round 1. TP for lizard Misdirect for Fantomex

Round 2. Neither get those powers


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This is a bad mismatch. abomination is a 100 tonner with healing factor on par with hulk and KGB training. He kills croc with one punch and then proceeds to beat bane senseless with crocs lifeless body. croc is maybe a 5 tonner (thats being generous. and even new 52 bane on venom is only around 20-30 tons.

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I think world breaker hulk could handle some of the kryptonians (powergirl?). Yes they can speed blitz but hulk is a freakin tank and can absorb at least a few crushing blows. all I am saying is although I think the kryptonians have the upper hand in these fights because of versatility if WBH ever got his hands on Zod the Kryptonian would be toast. if he can destroy a planet he can rip a kryptonian limb from limb the problem is catching them. Zod 6/10

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@pooty said:

@ghostravage: I don't recommend books often but i got the first 2 volumes off of amazon.com and half.com. they are well worth it. the 3rd one and the Black Dozzier you can do without. but get the first 2 if you can

@chibi_cute said:

Nightwing bane DD and deadshot dies here the only problem here is sandman.


I agree that the first two books are pretty good but fairly graphic (has some sketch sex stuff so be warned).

There seems to be a fairly drastic difference in comic and movie versions. I don't remember dorian gray being in the books. hand to hand quartermain and mina are both non-factors. However, mina is a vampire in the books but doesn't show extreme strength or mega vampire powers in the books. In the movie doesn't she have impressive strength and speed feets? Hyde is quite similar in both. I was going off my impressions of the comic versions when comparing them with the marvel and DC characters. In the books they don't exactly stack up (feats wise) with some of the mainstreamers.

comic quartermain, mina, sawyer and invisible man have shown me nothing in the way of hand to hand or skill that would let them stack up to nightwing, bane, DD, or even deadshot. The big guns for the league are Hyde, Dorian grey,Nemo (if he gets his gadgets), and mina (but only if its movie version).

Hyde was tearing down giant tripod robots in the book with some trouble and tanked quite a few disintegrating rays before he was killed. I would agree he is probably around a 25 tonner and has durability probably just below luke cage because of a decent healing factor. Bane wouldn't be able to take him straight up but could keep him busy long enough to get help from any other character who could defeat the before stated characters fairly quickly and incapacitate Dorian. Nemo has some crazy guns and respectable hand to hand but his real power comes from his submarine which has some pretty awesome firepower, water jets, and fighting tentacles. If nemo doesnt get the sub then he would eventually fall to someone of DD or NW's capabilities.

Again if they are away from the water sandman (if he's not jobbing should be able to take any of them one on one,maybe solo). Unless its sand man vs the Submarine which could get interesting.

So I think this is handily in favor of the TEAM

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Am I the only one here who sees spidey just webbing them up and incapacitating all of them? None of the team have stats to break out of the webbing. Spidey could take them all fighting with his fists and such but he wouldn't have to he could just keep his distance, web them up and pummel them all into a bat-coma afterwards. sorry but in a random encounter and no PIS Pete would wreck this team.

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I think It would be a decent fight. Daredevil would wreck the invisible man and should be able to dodge nemo's harpoon chain guns, knightwing could handle quartermain and sawyer pretty easily. Bane vs Mr. Hyde would be an epic fight! especially if its new 52 bane. Hyde probably has the strength and durability advantage and is definately nastier. Bane has the skill and speed to hang with him though. I see deadshot going down to mina or getting torn in two by hyde. However The team wins 8/10 because of two factors. Prep and Sandman. Bane has prep feats greater than anyone on the league. and no one on the league can KO or incapacitate Sandy. He would drown half the team in sand before the rest of the team had to engage. The only person who would have a chance is Nemo if we count the Nautalus (has water cannons) as his standard equip even then they would have to lure sandy close to water that wasn't a beach.

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Reed suffocates Cap with his body theres no way steve could escape.

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I'm sure this has been done before but I couldn't find it on the search engine.

Round 1: Both are in character but spidey has a read midnighters file and knows what he's capable of.

Fight on a rooftop in NYC

Round 2: Spidey is bloodlusted because he thinks midnighter killed aunt may and mary jane.

Fight on the street in downtown nyc

Wildstorm midnighter with no doors, no prep


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Both have access to anything in their lab and 3 months prep.

Who wins??

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Cool character but he seems at least on silver surfers level of over all power. I mean the turtle is a reality warper who can bring people back from the dead.