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the Barbarian vs the Bat-Breaker face off in an abandoned warehouse with crates and such they can move around or throw if need be.

No Venom for Bane

Round 1: hand to hand

Round 2: Bane gets a battle axe and Conan gets a sword.

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I think spawn has this. Though I'm not absolutely certain. Can spawn be hurt by piercing weapons and the like? because I could see necroplasm doing some damage to the symbiote. If its regular spawn i think this a decent fight.

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@visemoon: 1. He only defeated them because of the massive speed and agility advantages he has (which when he doesn't use them gets stomped out like a roach), but in this scenario he doesn't because 4 arms is easily capapble of tagging him

so there goes 90% of your "warming scans"

2. You seriously want to play the experience game?

Ben defeated Charm Caster, Hex , Darkstar, Vilgax, Ghost Freak, Kevin, 6 6, 7 7, 8 8, Phil, Malware, Driscoll, Eon, and Sunder combined in experince or individually rolf stomp anybody Wolverine has ever come close to beating or stalemating.

3. 4 arm graps wolverine with his faster reflexes and holds on to him with his greater strength and head butts wolv into submission.

so your saying 4 arms has a faster fighting speed than the hulk? i think that is highly debatable.

Ben has defeated an impressive array of villains however he did that using lots of different aliens that were usually a very good counter for the villain he was facing. If ben could change into any of his aliens he would stomp logan. For example Goo could totally incapacitate wolverine and drown him. Swamp fire, big chill, ghostfreak, and others who are intangible or mostly immune to physical damage would all also wreck wolvie. However, wolverine was originally created to fight bricks, specifically the Hulk (pretty much the ultimate brick). Four Arms is neither as strong or as durable as many of the bricks wolverine routinely fights and does very well against. Wolverine is just a bad match up for any brick and an especially bad match up for a brick with little to no healing factor.

wolverine wins every time via pointy things.

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Ozy is out of his league here. yes he is very fast and smart but Conan is also very and cunning in a battle environment. Conan is also freakishly durable and strong. he is definitely more so than base human and maybe even a step above Capitan america in that department. I cant see ozy doing anything to him that would put him down fast enough before Conan brutally removes his spine.

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I just don't see jubilee getting past cyborgs varying array of defenses. his sonics may still hurt her while shes intangible. Jubes is just out of her league here.

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The Goblin has a large arsenal of tech including pumkin bombs, gas, a glider with all sorts of goodies that would keep him at a distance from cyborg. He also has strength on par with spiderman and very fast reflexes. All in all though cyborgs weapons are also good at range and can spam an area. I assume he's also pretty dang strong (like the rest of the justice league) so he may outclass the goblin in close range as well. So, in a random encounter with no morals i dont see victor loosing here. However, with prep i could see the goblin taking a slight majority, hes pretty dang tricky.

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Random Encounter

Fight takes place in kingpins office. Fight to KO or Death

Round 1: Hand to hand

Round 2: Bats gets 5 batarangs Kingpin gets his lazer cane (10 shots)

Round 3: Bats gets all his standard gear. Kingpin gets his cane and 5 thugs

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There are so many different battles that could go on here. And almost all of them are highly debatable. but there are three things that happen for sure. 1. Punisher blows jokers face off right at the beginning. 2.Deadpool gets filled full of lead batarangs and all sorts of pointy things while day dreaming about tacos and making BLAM! noises almost no one on this list can KO him. 3.Iron fist with chi is out of anyone on this list's league in the end he and deadpool have a good fight and IF knocks him out with a CHI punch.

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Kraven's physicals FAR outclass batmans. They outclass bane's ON venom. Batman really isn't beating the majority of spidey's villans in a random encounter. with prep sure he can beat most of them. In a random encounter I only see him beating people like chameleon, mysterio, MAYBE kingpin in hand to hand.

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Can't Spidey counter misdirection with spider sense to an extent? also can't Lizard also mess with the X-team via TP even with misdirection? Sorry, I don't know a ton about fantomex's full capabilities I've just read a few stories with him in it.