The press

Anyone that works as a reporter for radio, newspaper or tv. As always tell me any that are missing (I am sure there are a lot here)

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@SC: Which Venom?  You mean Eddie Brock?
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@RazzaTazz:  *Nods* He goes by Anti Venom now though I believe, but he had the whole reporter parallel with Peter Parker originally (except Spidey was more successful) leading to Brock's jealousy and hatred. 
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Melita Garner (Wolverine's past love interest)


Love the list.

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Superman works for the Planet so...

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Catherine 'Cat' Grant. Granted she has moved around other jobs, but we first meet her as a columnist.

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The Creeper is a member of the press.

He started out as a talk show host has mostly been portrayed as a journalist of some sort. He even took Superman's job for a while in the early 2000's.

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