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X-Factor, the numbering is a bit tricky, and from where I link you, it may look odd where it goes from #50 to #200 but that's just... well yeah, #200 came after #50... starting from the beginning grants a sort of... long term readers get rewarded but rosters change up a bit. First TPB which is nice starting point is Longest Night.  
Iron Man Extremis - Very highly praised and fan favorite Warren Ellis run on Iron Man.  
Thor by JMS. Very new reader friendly. I am a Thor fan, I think the character is great, but a lot of his popularity from the last few years and a lot of why he has been viewed as a valuable character can be chalked up to the things JMS did with the character. Thor doesn't even appear in some issues, but you know, its not just a book for Thor fans, but sort of comic fans. Great art as well. Oh primarily the issues on this page, since these are the JMS issues.  
Good Luck Razzy! 
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The Dark Night Returns (NOTE:  DO NOT waste your time on the sequel to this, as it is garbage)
Maus (NOTE:  Highly recommend this book to you.)
All three of these of course were from the breakthrough year of 1986 for graphic novels
Batman:  Knightfall (entire story arc, not just first collection)

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@dondasch: Thanks read most of those already though
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Clever :)

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Identity Crisis (One of the best DC events in my opinion) 
Batman: The Resurrection Of Ra's Al Ghul (One of the many awesome Batman stories)
Catwoman: When In Rome (Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale flaunt their magic)
Superman: Camelot Falls (Volumes 1 & 2) 
Question: The Five Books Of Blood (Another example of why Greg Rucka is awesome)
Batwoman: Elegy (A must read. Great writing and art)
Revolver  (Very unique story)
Umbrella Academy: Apocalypse Suite (Nothing else like this on the market)
Pride Of Baghdad (Based on real events. Great writing)
Air (Entire series is great)  
Daredevil: Yellow (Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale again)
The Marvels Project: Birth Of The Super Heroes (Very underrated. Brubaker's writing is amazing on this)
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Transmetropolitan - It''s Warren Ellis magnum opus. It's his creation where he will rant on so many aspects of society but his using science-fiction that it is incredible.

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Thats a lot of stuff to input, thanks for the suggestions, I will just leave them in the reply section for now :)  The list function is mostly for when someone recommends something in PM or in a forum post that I usually end up forgetting about.  Anyway thanks 
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Annihilation Wave - The linked story arc is a bit of a mess and should be cleaned up, but feel free to ask any questions. It has Silver Surfer in it - he has his own mini. Nova corps are analogous to Green Lantern Corp, but at the risk of spoiling the story, that changes very fast almost at start of story, but has a lot of diverse space characters, soldiers, cosmic forces, space captains, tyrants, running and flying about. Is a space war opera. 
I Kill Giants - is sweet and charming.  
Mystique -  This is probably not your style, but this is a book that likes to poke fun at tropes. Like you know Mystique is a shapeshifter and so sometimes writers will have her transform and walk around as a flesh toned skin supermodel with red hair as her "big disguise" but in this short series, she will actually be disguised as a very old man with a cane. Moments like when a racist South African starts talking to her as she is a white women,  only to turn around and see a large black man standing there now, just little things like that make it funny. Its very grounded though, its a spy book and Mystiques morals are - well she is protagonist but not a readily willing hero.