Fictional DC planets

This list is by no means exhaustive, I do not have the time or the resources to necessarily make this list in any great detail. They might not exist anymore either (also planets from Mystery in Space, or the golden age should probably be considered non-canon). There are a bunch in the comments section as well which dont have wiki pages

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@cosmo111687: Oh yeah of course!
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DC only?

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Don't forget Xanshi.  Planet that was destroyed within the John Stewart timeline.

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Ryut.  Baseworld of the Black Lanterns

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@dondasch: OK
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Czarnia--Home of Lobo
Tharn--Legion of Superheroes

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Noted, but neither one of those has wiki entries
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Do they necessarily have to have Wiki entries to be added to the list ?

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@dondasch: In terms of how lists are created - yes.  But if you think of more that are not in the wiki add them to the comments ;)
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You can add Nerro, it's in the first new issue of GLC after the reboot. It's a water planet.
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Oops, I thought I had recommended all your lists *red* I am sorry.  
This one is incredible. I did not realize you had so many. Now I just have to figure out which you had to create... (does not surprise me to know you can create planets)

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@Jake Fury
Its not in the wiki, but I will look it up when I can
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I can add it to the wiki. Its actually missing a few I know too.  Is Xanthu there? I need to make an alphabetical version *red*

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Trom, Braal Rimbor Hmmn, you have those? I find more later in database. I am not big Legion fan though sorry. 
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Impressive. Good job Razzataz!

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@SpideyIvyDaredevilFan26: Its ongoing added about 6 today
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You named all the ones I know. (and then some)

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Technis, My blue heaven and J586 courtesy of Az

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From Chalkshark 
I. Winath-- an agrarian world ( home to Lightning Lad, Lightning Lord, & Light Lass) 
2.Orando--a medieval planet ( home to Princess Projectra) 
3. Imsk-- a micro world (home to Shrinking Violet & Micro Lad) 
4. Lallor--another Legion world (home to Duplicate Boy, Beast Boy, Life Lass, Gas Girl, & Evolvo Lad) 
5.Dryad-- a planet of sentient rocks (native home of Strata, Brik, & Blok, destroyed in the 30th century) 
6.Talok VIII-- a desert world ( home to Lyrissa Mallor, Darkstar, Shadow Lass & Shadow Kid) 
7. Takron-Galtos-- a prison planet 
8. Starhaven--Amerind Colony World (home to Dawnstar) 
9. Bolovax Vik-- an overpopulated world ( home to Kilowog, destroyed during the Crisis on Infinite Earths) 
10. Zerox-- The Sorceror's World (the root from which all magic in the DC universe stems from, home to Mirabai)

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We should name newly found planets after some of these.

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More places to visit. 
1. Almerac-- the seat of the Almeracian  Empire ( Home world of Maxima, destroyed by Imperiex) 
2. Dhor-- a planet in the Antares system (Home wold of Kanjar Ro) 
3. Kalanor-- a formerly Earth-like world ( Home world of Despero) 
4. Korll-- A world where humans evolved from insects ( Home world of the Queen Bee) 
5. Valeron-- a planet in the Sombrero Galaxy ( Home world of Vartox, destroyed) 
6. Khundia-- a dark & dreary world, perpetually eclipsed by it's own moon ( Home world of the Khunds) 
7. Weber's World-- an artificial planet (Administrative home to the United Planets)  
8. Cairn-- a formerly lawless world ( Original Home Base of the L.E.G.I.O.N.) 
9. Zamaron-- a crystal encased planet ( Home World of the Star Sapphire Corps) 
10.Angtu-- a planet with a poisonous atmosphere ( Home world of Mano, destroyed by Mano)

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I'm not sure why, but several of these planets are missing from Comicvine's data banks. Considering that they're the home worlds of  several long standing characters, I find it a bit of an oversight. Perhaps there's simply no love for the Legion on Comicvine.I have seen a lot of people complain that they just can't get into the book... cause, you know, there are just so many characters to keep up with, a problem you don't find when you're reading X-Men, but I digress. I'd add the planets myself, but, honestly, I have no idea how. Perhaps you do. 
1. Bismoll-- Home World of Matter Eater Lad 
2. Zuun-- Home World of Timber Wolf 
3. Cargg-- Home World of Triplicate Girl/Duo Damsel/ Triad/Duplicate Girl/Whatever-she's-calling-herself-these-days Girl 
4. Kathoon--Home World of Night Girl 
5. Mardru-- Home World of Chlorophyll Kid 
6. Zwen-- Home World of Stone Boy 
7. Phlon-- Home World of Chemical King & Chemical Kid 
8. Shwar--Home World of Fire Lad 
9.Lupra-- Home World of Color Kid 
10.Bgztl--Home World of Phantom Girl ( this one may not count as it is extra dimensional, as opposed to extraterrestrial... your list, your call) 

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@chalkshark: Cool thanks
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& now, your daily 10 (late, because I slept in for a change) 
1. Gemworld--another medieval world, ruled by magic ( Home World of Amethyst) 
2. Zur-En-Arrh--also known as "Planet X"( another world with it's very own Batman) 
3. Emana Branx-- a world in the Vega system ( Home World to the Branx warriors & Nimbus of the Omega Men) 
4.Aello--20th world in the Vega system ( Home World of Harpis & Demonia of the Omega Men) 
5. Xudar--Home World of the Green Lanterns Tomar Re & Tomar Tu 
6. J586-- a world of sentient plant life ( Home World of  Medphyll, of the Green Lantern Corps) 
7.Hl'ven-- a world of sentient "cartoon" animals ( Home World of Ch'p, a deceased Green Lantern) 
8.Alstair-- a world in the Antares system ( It's queen, Hyathis, can control the native plant life) 
9. Mosteel-- A world in the Antares system ( Led by Kromm, an enemy of the Justice League) 
10. Llarr-- A world in the Antares sytem ( Led by Sayyar, who waged war with Hyathis, Kromm, & Kanjar Ro)

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@chalkshark: Thanks again, I already had Gemworld on my list of Contemporary Fantasy Worlds
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Let me take you on a trip, around the universe & back... 
1. Bunyan's World--inhabited by the most hostile flora & fauna in the universe (colonized as a mining world) 
2. Hykraius-- an oceanic world with a methane atmosphere ( Home World of the Legionnaire, Tellus) 
3. Venegar-- a high tech world, host to the long dead Ekron civilization ( Home World of the 1st Emerald Empress) 
4. Zamba-- Home World of the Darkstar, Ferrin Colos 
5. Bavacqua Seven-- Home World of former Darkstar, Merayn Dethalis 
6. Zadron-- Home World of the Dark Man & Tharok, leader of the Fatal Five 
7. Baaldur-- Home World of the Legion villain, Glorith 
8. Noc'sag-- a heavy gravity world, home to deceased Green Lantern, Galius Zed, & the Red Lantern, Zilius Zox 
9. Toomi IV--Home World of deceased Green Lantern, Arkkis Chummuck 
10.Graxos IV-- Home World of  the Green lantern, Arisia

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@chalkshark: Most are not in the database but thanks as always.  I am surprised I missed the homeworld of Arisia
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You have Marvels, not DCs throneworld in this one.

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Superboy planet, Starlia, Rimbor

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Grykk, Ferno, Lumbak