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I didn't try to make it seem like the mods or staff are any better than us, we are all just here for the same reason, because we are comic fans.  If the mods and staff werent, they wouldn't be here.  I agree that a PM doesn't hurt (it was my original suggestion) but I personally didn't want to bother with that and wanted to earn the recognition on my own.  There are a lot of ways to get a mods attention though, and I say this not necessarily to you, but to anyone else that might be reading.  There are artist competitions, roundtables, wiki tasks, and other group projects.  Or if you are really good you will get recognized as community star or starlet by the staff (of course to do so usually requires some other contributions first.)  Mostly I think the point is that if you like CV and like comics, and like to direct your comic book interest through this site and have fun while doing it, most of the quests come easy anyway. 
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Without being able to speak for the Poet or Liberty, I think part of the reason that they asked for people familiar with comics was specifically because they hoped we would use our own personal discretion in these cases.  I think its also why they are asking for writeups and why they also left room for anti-heroes. 
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I have three wildcard picks, whats it worth to you to get Storm on the list ?  :P
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Well, OK, I can not speak for the mods here because I am not one, but from my talks with them, there were a number of mod realted quests added on this site at one point, and thereafter they get numerous messages daily for help in one of those quests.  I guess they regard this as spam because they get so much of it, but to the average user sending a nice and courteous PM, this is not really spam.  As a few of them mentioned here they don't even really pay attention to who they follow because being a mod basically means they follow everyone.  As for me, I can't remember, it was probably Xerox Kitty or Mistress Redhead that followed me, but it could have been someone else.  Why?  I guess some people like the content I contribute to this site.  Really these quests are just designed to get you more interested in the community and for the reasons that the staff and mods would like - reviewing, wiki editing, blogging. 
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This is really right place at right time, I just got it one morning one time, cant even remember for what.  

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The mods get spammed for this one all the time, I hesitate to suggest spamming them, but most of the veterans here at CV barely know who we follow anymore, so out of the mods you can probably ask nicely and one would follow you.  I got mine the hard way though.  In terms of the reasoning behind this though, it is meant to be something special, like you have contributed enough to the site that you are considered worthy of their attention.  I would suggest doing it that way, there are lots of ways to contribute around here - fan fic, blogs, reviews, rpg, battle boards.  In any one of those there is a mod paying attention to people and someone putting in superior content will get a follow.  

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@The Poet
Exactly the problem I anticipated, already gone are versions of the Question, Captain Marvel and Blue Beetle.  Can I put in my company picks now?

Mary Marvel - One of the first major female superheroes, long and detailed publication history 
Captain Marvel Junior - There was kind of a very unoriginal theme going in Fawcett, Freddy still deserves his due here 
Captain Atom - Probably the best known Charlton transplant to DC 
Vic Sage (The Question) - Second most popular Charlton transplant to DC, inspired Rorschach in the Watchmen 
Nightshade - Of lesser importance, but still served for a few years as a key member of the Suicide Squad after being in DC, fairly popular while at Charlton 
Also considered was Black Adam, as he has spent some time as an anti-hero, but I decided against.  Not considered was Uncle Marvel. 
Seeing as I am out of sequence I can save my wildcards for later?
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Can I do Elektra?
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@Avenging-X-Bolt: Right you are, I thought he was in for a bit at one point, but I guess not
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