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Grayson is the only one that makes sense. In a world where characters actually age and retire, he would be the only reasonable substitute for Bruce.

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The worst Marvel movie so far was Thor 2 and that was even watchable though not so great. The MCU has put out a couple of 5 star movies, which is pretty rare for me a non-cinephile, so I tend to give anything they work on the benefit of the doubt. Plus Evangeline Lilly as the Wasp will be awesome.

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I am weak kneed all of a sudden, Perez knows how to write female characters pretty well, plus the all female team in a cosmic setting ... I am on board.

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@lunacyde: Sure but those in power generally don't do much to let go of that grasp. It is why there is still a gender imbalance, discrimation against others, humans rights abuses, illegal wars and environmental damage.

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@lunacyde said:


You can't ignore that there are indeed different factions of feminism that believe different things. There are subsets of feminists who do portray women as always being victims, who do engage in misandry, who make ridiculous claims or try to paint all men as pigs. There are sub sets who would rather conflict with men, and other woman...than work together for justice and equality.

What these girls are saying is that a lot of the "feminist" rants, blogs, and propaganda that we are exposed to every day don't speak for them. Yes, they believe in many of the principles feminism is rooted in, but they are saying that they don't see these ideals being advocated by the current feminist movement, or that they are being warped and twisted in ways these girls don't agree with.

Razzatazz going in on a verse, because I never been defeated, and I won't stop now.

But ... that is perhaps true what you say, but painted against the background of men (primarily white men) still having the balance of power in the USA, I don't understand why anyone is particularly concerned with misandry. It would be like Santa Claus waging a propaganda war over toys against some kid with a playstation.

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@bumpyboo: Oh OK (razz makes mental note to stop thinking she is older than everyone)

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@bumpyboo said:

@laflux: You know I wish that was surprising hehe! But truth is here in Wrexham when I was growing up, black people were a rare thing! Like the first time I met a black person as a small child, I tried rubbing his hand thinking it would come off O___o And I don't mean that in any racist way - my mum was mortified but the guy in question thought it was hilariously cute at the time,. we're going back like 25 years XD We had one black guy in our junior school and it was a novelty :O

But yeah is very different in Wales now, and for all people say about it, I absolutely love that there are so many different types of people who live here these days ^___^

*whispers* Come to Wales...totally come to Wales.....

Wait a minute, this means that you are at least 25 years old.

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@laflux said:

But hopefully I'll be hitch-hiking thus autumn, so I'll have a good chance to get out and see Europe :P

Where you hoping to go?

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@bumpyboo: I would like to introduce exhibit A in my own defense:

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@dngn4774: About once a year for doctor and dentist, the others as needed I guess.