With a face like that, you belong in comics

It came to my attention today that recent Tony Stark depictions have been inspired by Josh Holloway and specifically his character on Lost.   
So I decided to make a photo collection of real life celebrities (or at least realtively well know people) and the characters they have inspired, or have been used as the basis for.   
Josh Holloway / Tony Stark 

Joanne Siegel / Lois Lane 

Judy Garland / Mary Marvel  
The last one I think is the one which has departed the most from the original.  Any others out there that I am missing?  Post photos of them in the comments section if you like (sorry if this has been done before, I have never seen something like it)
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Gary Frank makes superman look like Christopher Reeve.

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Osborne in Dark Avengers looks like Tommy Lee Jones.
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Norman Osborn has gotten to be 'played' by both Tommy Lee Jones (Deodato), and... Spain's Prime Minster?   
Ultimate Nick Fury, Big Barda, Hogun the Grimm, and Fandral the Dashing all took visual cues from real life people. 
Oh and this is a good comparison piece.

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Of course, there's Adam Hughes's Audrey Hepburn-esque Catwoman:  

 Audrey Hepburn

And there are times when I swear Guillem March is channeling Greta Garbo when he draws Poison Ivy:
I want to be angiosperm. 
I vant to be alone. 
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i always thought Holloway looked more like Catman than Stark 
heck i'd pick him to play Gambit before i do Tony 
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I think I might get my Gary Busey on soon..

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@The Stegman: Nice call on Catman. 
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I love the audrey catwoman I always thought that too.  
I love the picture with the apple and her question...-hummingbird grin- 

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  Admiral Kizaru from One Piece is based off from a Japanese actor.
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You win for most obscure reference. 
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Certain artists are going to come up a lot asking this question. 
Of course, the entire cast of Wanted should be mentioned.

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@RazzaTazz said:
@MrUnknown: You win for most obscure reference. 
 Actually that is the most popular manga in the world at the moment. 
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@thehummingbird said:
@RazzaTazz said:
@MrUnknown: You win for most obscure reference. 
   Actually that is the most popular manga in the world at the moment. 
And rightfully so I might add! It's only obscure to you but not to us! ;)
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Interesting topic! Some people do appear to be inspired.