When the Beat Ruled DC

Well "ruled" is not really correct, I was thinking of where to add this information to the wiki but I am not even sure if it belongs anywhere. As I have stated many times previously, the field of comics quite often follows that of pop culture only maybe a bit too slow. For instance, in the 1960s and 1970s, there was the introduction of several martial arts characters at both DC and Marvel to capitalize on the popularity of the action movies coming out of Hong Kong. Equally later in the 1970s there was the introduction of jive-talking characters like Black Lightning to capitalize on the blaxpoitation movement. A forgotten field of this influence was in the early 1960s, and for a few reasons. At the time comics were more so still aimed at children, and more so, there was only really one major company at the time (DC). The pop culture addition at this time was that of the beatnik movement and there was actually a small influence of the characters into somewhat of mainstream at DC. The most obvious was Snapper Carr, a character that appeared in almost ever Justice League of America issue for some time and therefore had a high profile. The other was Jonny Double, who showed up all over and still show occasionally in modern comics. It is a small and mostly forgotten part of comic history, but for a time, beatniks were in.

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And then Shade the Changing Man brought them back, LOL.

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Snapper Carr. Wonder what ever happened to him.