When Art Imitates Art (Badly)

I should say first of all that sometimes my blogs are more of personal reflections for me as opposed to all out conversation starters. And that this blog is similar in tone to a previous blog which most people to lighten up and not read too much into things doesn't bode well probably. What is of concern for me here though is the selection of names for issue titles or story arcs. I never put much thought into what things are called in comics, because there can be a number of names, between names on the cover, the indicia, the interior story name, and a connection to a story arc as whole, there can be more than one name per issue. As comics have to go out every month I imagine that there is not a lot of time to think of catchy titles for everything which goes across a person's desk. In some cases though I think there does need to be better quality control. What got me thinking this was the cover to I, Vampire #9 (a little old now I know, though I just read it for the first time). The cover said "Bite Prey Love" as a reference to the book Eat Pray Love. First of all, I was not very impressed by this book, though many loved it. That aside, the reference from the cover is not even a play on words as the stories of the two are completely unrelated. That being the case, if it is a play on words on the book (or movie) wouldn't it make sense if it were actually something that people knew about well? I am not saying that comic fans wouldn't know about the book (or movie) but most would have no idea what it was about, unless a female relative or friend had told them. In either case it doesn't relate to a series about vampires (though the play on words is kind of relevant) and as before, maybe better choices in titles might work sometimes for the creative teams.

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