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Those who know me from my posts, know that I am studying science. While I get a heavy dose of science thanks to my textbooks, I will also pick up the occasional general science magazines partially to broaden my exposure (as most sciences are going towards interdisciplinary approaches) but mostly just to enjoy the lighter side of science. My preferred science magazine is Discover and one of my favourite contributors/bloggers is Phil Plaitt, also known as the bad astronomer. He is actually not a bad astronomer, from what I can tell he is a fairly informed one - the name comes from his old webpage - called bad astronomy. In it he debunks a lot of the claims that some people make as just plain old bad science, like that the moon landing was faked, or that aliens built a human face on Mars. He also has a movie section where he explains what is wrong from a physical or astronomical sense in various movies, usually sci fi. Of course sci fi also includes super heroes and so he points out the things in the movies which just don't make sense, from Superman's cape fluttering in space to Iron Man being able to stop on a dime while flying without killing himself (he also provided a link for Larry Niven's "Man of Steel, Women of Kleenex" which is a funny read for those of you who havent read it already.) I am not usually very concerned with movie mistakes (I dont care if a boom mike is visible) but when it comes to this kind of detail I am a fan.

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I do not think I have laughed so hard ever, XD Oh my god that is amazing....

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@thehummingbird: You mean the kleenex article?
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Indeed that is what I was referring to(sorry I put this in the wrong place first ^.^')