We have touchdown

The space shuttle Atlantis landed safely this morning which signals the end of the shuttle program as it was run by NASA.  There is nothing immediately on the verge or replacing the fleet of vehicles.  The shuttle has been instrumental in numerous scientific discoveries which have invisibly changed what we know of the modern world in terms of medicine and technology.  Take for instance a common microwave oven, it wouldn't be able to work without an understanding of quantum  theory, and experiments have taken place aboard the shuttle or ISS or have been observed through the Hubble telescope which have clarified our understnding of the theory.  Some would argue that NASA is a waste of money, but such claims always come from those who do not understand the value of science.  NASA has long since moved past the era of going to space just to see if we can.   
With the retiring of the space shuttle, comics also lose one of their favourite real life technologies, which can be seen to compare to superheroism in certain ways.  Heroes have saved it from destruction (such as Superman in Superman Returns), piloted it (when Wonder Woman was in NASA in the silver age) or rendezvoused with it in space (a story from the Justice League comes to mind.)  The space shuttle has been one area which has been a real world application of keeping up with the fantastical concepts from stories.  Since the golden age of comics, space vehicles were constantly being shown for characters to venture beyond the confines of our planet into outer space.  The space shuttle was the first of such real life vehicles that made these fantastical dreams more of a reality.  it is now being retired, one of the fleet sure to be put on display in Washington or Cape Canaveral.  Their contribution to humanity is significant and ventured into outer space in comics will seem just a little less real now .
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I"m so out of touch with the news I didn't realize the shuttle program was ending.  It's hard to imagine there's not a new program waiting in the wings to take off...
This is sad for me.  I remember watching the launch of the first shuttle, as well as it's landing.  I was fortunate to have watched at least one launch up close.  What one sees on t.v. doesn't compare...
This is the end of an era...

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Great blog, thanks for making!  
I'm always surprised about how little people know about the benefits that have been adopted in such ways. I mean, *taps on computer* Not just for gifs or porn, or You Tube, or CV, or cake recipes!