Vintage Josie and the Pussycats

I found this earlier today after looking for a new avatar picture.  I was unaware that in the 1970s that Hannah Barbera put together a real life group to accompany the animated Josie and the Pussycats cartoon series.  The Archies were a fairly popular group with the same concept that produced the hit "Sugar Sugar" and so I guess the same concept was tried here.  Even more interesting is that they actually cast the band to look like the characters in the comics and in the show.  Also Cheryl Ladd (future Charlie's Angel) was in the band.

Posted by thehummingbird

Awww haha you did not know that??? I loved both, even thought it was way before my time. COol blog XD 

Posted by ReVamp

WTF. My mind is going into trauma because I don't understand anything. (This didn't even make sense) But still, seems pretty cool, even for my limited intelligence. :P