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Popularity in terms of fiction tends to go with trends, and often times with comics these incorporate in trends which are popular in pop culture at the moment.  At times this means comics might be more science fiction oriented and at other times more mystically oriented (or occult oriented.)  There is no real defining point of this change, though as with anything it is usually dependent on the innovation of one or two individuals.  That having been said, vampires have had a fairly common presence in pop culture well before Bram Stoker wrote what many consider to be the masterpiece of the genre.  In recent years though the genre of vampire literature has branched off in many directions, and instead of ruthless murderers they can now serve as the protagonist of a story.  Of course for anyone ever exposed to the works of Stephenie Meyer or Anne Rice, this should not come as any surprise.  In fact vampires run the gamut of characters in comics from villain to background character to hero.

I am not much of a vampire fan personally, I can understand why it is appealing but the genre doesn’t get my attention.  Despite this I have been reading the vampire series of the new 52 “I, Vampire.”  What really resonates with me in this series thus far is that it incorporates in so many different aspects of vampires.  Certainly the Twilight series has a certain amount of action and supernatural suspense, but it is not really the driving force of the series.  Here though the supernatural gore is ramped out to a high level as the protagonist Andrew Bennett seeks to win the battle of the good vampires against the bad ones.  In doing so he also acts as a tragic romantic character.  The leader of the other vampires is his greatest love Mary, Queen of Blood, and he is thus forced to both love her and try to destroy her.  His war against a faction of vampires highlights another aspect of the genre, that especially recently vampires can take on any attribute as is deemed necessary to the plot.  In some cases holy water acts like acid, in others only as a deterrent.  Similarly with the stake through the heart, some require that this is the only way to truly kill a vampire, other regard it as one of only a multitude of ways.  Despite all of this the series I, Vampire is not that bad.  It has taken three issue to get on its feet, but now there seems at least creatively sound, if not necessarily financially. Vampire fans can probably find what they are looking for here too, seeing as most aspects of the vampire genre are here.  

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Not really a vampire fan but one of the current vampire series, American Vampire, is great.

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Vampires are ruined.

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I like my Bram Stoker vampire. Emo-ish vampires rub me the wrong way and the most I could stomach was Anne Rice's Lestat. I can see the lure - especially with young teenagers - plus the idea of immortality ties into the lure.

Vampire = romance is the soup of the day, but to me, the creature is much more dark and sinister. Its why I avoided Twilight and the like all this time. Good topic. :)

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I'm readin I, Vampire as well. The art style suits the story perfectly.

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@azza04 said:

I'm readin I, Vampire as well. The art style suits the story perfectly.

I agree though I find it doesnt work as well in Hawkman which uses something similar.  
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@RazzaTazz: Haven't been reading Hawkman but I can understand that, it's a very gothic and dark style which is perfect for vampires but not so much for other genres. I think Justice League Dark and I,Vampire are visually my favourite books from the new 52.

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@azza04: I am reading JLD as well but I can't necessarily say that the art fits it that well.  I mean it does in sense because I dont really notice it, but it is not noteworthy for me either.  
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@RazzaTazz: Hmmmm, that's interesting, the art for me is one of books strongests assets, and also the coloring. Zatanna is one of my favourite things to come from the book, her costume is awesome, plus the hole moterbike thing :) badass. JLD has got me interested in characters that I had never really payed attention to before.

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@azza04: Oh I do like JLD, just i don't really notice the art.  That is a common for me though in terms of how I appreciate comics.  I do like JLD but it is not one of my favourite titles out of the reboot.  
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Since at least Stoker, Vampires have always had a strong tie with Victorian romance, and what I love about I, Vampire is its dedication to being a series who's soul and spine is a deep emotional love story, but uses it to create such a dark and violent tone. It's lots of blood and brutality, yet it's still very clearly a love story in its core. I, Vampire to me is mostly the classic Gothic interpretation of the Vampire, treading a delicate balance between high class Aristocratic and animalistic lust.

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@RazzaTazz: For those who grew up in the 90's know that the Vampire craze is nothing new, any craze will be met with backlash. Twilight is your modern day Interview with a Vampire and Dracula in a lot of ways. With focus on romance of brooding tormented souls and your 30 days of night is like your From Dusk till Dawn,Nosferatu or Buffy Vampires with more focus on monsterish vamps.

Instead of a castle is a School cafeteria ^_^

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I'm loving I Vampire atm

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Bump for awesomeness.

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I normally hate anything dealing with vampires, but I, Vampire is a really, reaaaally good series thus far. I bought it on a whim 8 issues in and I had to go back to the comic book store to buy the rest of it.

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As you can tell I am not really a vampire fan I like wolves better but the I vampire

Vamps are great there powers are great in every way I like it how a older one can shapeshift into a wolf like creature I even like how the sun does not kill them I like how it just makes them almost human they really brought some good credit to the vampire name.