Twi-Hard With a Vengeance

There is something about vampires as a focus of a sub-genre that does not really appeal to me at all. There are a few exceptions, but mostly I find supernatural based stories far less engaging than stories with some elements of science. That having been said, I have never been and likely never will be a fan of Twilight. This is not as a criticism of the books or the series, it is just my own personal interest. I understand equally that the books are wildly popular and thus free for some criticism by various other media. With a sometimes similar theme to its books this has happened more than once in the Grimm Fairy Tales universe (most recently in issue #84 of the main series) where one of the characters makes fun of Twilight.

I am first of all not very sure if this is hitting the right demographic, as I imagine that there are a lot of Twilight fans that also like Grimm Fairy Tales, and seeing as Zenescope is not a huge market force in comics, one might think that they would avoid alienating their fans. What is a bit worse for me in context though is that a criticism of Twilight also potentially affects the choice to read it. Regardless of my opinion on the book series, I would say that it is still a good thing that people are actually reading it. Stephenie Meyer is not the best author ever and perhaps even due of her criticisms, but the people that take the time to read her books are still benefiting themselves by the act of reading them. I think therefore that those criticizing the popularity of the books have to realize how they are criticizing people for not for reading, just not reading the right things, though I think in terms of th amount of people that read that criticizing reading in any form is a poor choice.

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