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I watched Captain America last night after resisting temptation to watch it this weekend.  I had fun and thought it was a good movie (though the claims it is the best Marvel movie yet I think are a bit overblown.)   One thing I thought of this morning was the connections that movies make and their associations and connotations which certain movies contain.  Of course as a comic book fan, I am familiar with Dum Dum Dugan, but not everyone in the world is, and so some must have heard the name of this character and associated it with the events of this weekend's tragedy in Norway (where the killer was using dum dum bullets.)  Some probably even felt a sense of outrage at this event and thought less of the movie for promoting gun use and violence.  It is interesting to consider though if something might have been changed if the producers knew the movie would be released the same weekend.  It may seem far-fetched but really is not.  Advertising for Die Hard with a Vengeance was cut back after the bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah building.  The terrrorist acts on 9/11 caused a few implications.  First of all one of the early trailers for Spider-Man had to be scrapped altogether, whereas Peter Jackson was going so far as to consider changing the name of the second instalment of the Lord of the Rings before he realized that fan outrage would make more people angry than it would placate.  Of course, they couldn't override almost 50 years of comic book history just because of the events of one madman in Norway, but if they had known might they have left out the name (but kept the bowler hat)?

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Posted by tim2081

I don't think they actually say the name Dum Dum Dugan in the movie, so the only way people would have known is to have read the name from the credits. Also, I don't think a lot of people in America heard about the Norway incident, I didn't until you mentioned it. And as far as the gun use and violence; it's a WWII movie, so it's absolutely necessary.

Posted by InnerVenom123

They never call him Dum Dum in the movie. 

Posted by RazzaTazz
I was pretty sure I heard it, but I am not paying again to check. 
Posted by SC

My inner child, is constantly repeating those words, Dum Dum over and over in my head, so I hear that in every movie I watch... uhm... 

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Celebration of gun violence is going to happen in a lot of media. That's not something that should necessarily be pinned on the Cap film. In the film, the character is never given a name. None of them are named except for Bucky. They don't even say "howling commandos." I knew about the tragic Norway shooting, of course, but didn't know that the killer used "dum dum bullets," and even now that you told me I don't know what that means or what those are. I always thought Dugan's name was just a silly nickname.  
I don't think this is a connection made by many or seen as meaningful. Gun violence is bad. Gun fighting is inextricably linked with modern storytelling as a visualization of conflict. It's a dilemma I don't see being resolved any time soon. 
Edit: I've looked up the definition and I'd always referred to those as 'hollow point' bullets, not as 'dum dum' bullets. Strange that Dugan's name would be 'Dum Dum' considering hollow points were--I thought--illegal for use in wartime.

Posted by Stuka69

Unless he is shooting teenagers in an island or exploding car bombs, I dont think that it is a problem...

Posted by SC

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Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus

Fortunately, like you said, the majority of people would not know immediately who Dugan is so they probably wouldn't make that connection anyway.  And even if they did I don't think its something to be all up in arms about due to similarities in nomenclature (Dum Dum Dugan, dum dum bullets).  When it becomes apparent that people are looking FAR too much between the lines of movies is when they start to be taken too seriously I think.  But you make an excellent point here nevertheless.  Personally Dum Dum's my favorite among the Howling Commandos so I know I'm not phased by any similarities...just like anyone should not be offended by any of the stark similarities/parallels one sees between James Cameron's Avatar and any decent post-modernist Native American/Western film.

Posted by azza04

Cowboys and Aliens was pretty awesome. I wasn't expecting much but Daniel Craig was good as always. Plus plenty of hotties :P