The mesh is a must



Well it might not be called mesh by some rather fishnets.  In the old DC crossover "War of the Gods" one of the characters insists a strike team all be wearing their superhero costumes as symbols have strong power in the realm of magic and myth.  There is some aspect of truth to that, if you think about the ridiculous levels of nationalism that some countries have around something like a flag, then it is not surprising.  As a science student I don't believe that magic exists in the real world, though of course symbols do.  Is there power in symbols?  Show the Superman shield or the Batman logo to most people, whether comic fans or not and they will recongize it.  it stands to reason that if symbols are relevant to comic book heroes that the magicians have an ability to influence this particularly.  A lot of the magicians actually have very iconic appearances.  Doctor Fate is very much tied to the apperance of his (or her) helmet, which is of course the source of power, but other items are also there as well (medallion for instance).  With Zatanna the one defining item she wears and her one symbol could be considered her fishnets. Not as much of a symbol?  Well I have already been over the history of fishnets on a much earlier post but it is not really my point here.  Of course fishnets represent something else for a lot of different people, but using comic book logic about magic, Zatanna probably would be more powerful when wearing them.  In fact in the Zatanna miniseries that I recently re-read (the one that was part of the Seven Soldiers arc) she went into a major battle wearing a mostly fishnet body suit.  Of course it is not the source of her power, but in being iconic it surely helped.  

That's a lot of fishnets in one panel


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Posted by SC

Sorry, now I can't help but want a Zatanna and Aquaman team up book now... *rolls eyes at self*  
Pictures are coming? Blog feels weird without pictures... >.>

Posted by thehummingbird

I have been trying to find that Zatanna series for a while now I just go the new graphic novel =) anyway....I often think of fishnets as a woman's chain-mail(i think sp?) in comic books, similar to as you have already fishnets are not only a symbol for Zatanna, but an ironic symbol often present in comic books for women. The reason for the irony of them is how you would normally associate fishnets with a more demeaning kind of work for women, however, the girls in comics who wear them are almost fighting this stereotype while wearing them, because they are in a position of power. yeah umm....think more later I am  tired....>.< 

Posted by MatKrenz

I would say for me the more recongnizible thing with her is the top hat.I don't know why but I really like girls in top hats.
Posted by PowerHerc

When you dress the part, you feel the part and you act the part.  I believe this to be true.    
That's not to day you can't automatically do what you do without proper attire, but it does help pyschologically. 
The power of looking the part shouldn't be underestimated.
Posted by A_O_N
@MatKrenz:  I feel the same. That magical hat is leagues cooler than the fishnets. Also, I don't think that the fishnets can work as a symbolic image; I can't see it representing anything.
Posted by RazzaTazz


I understand your point, though I don't particularly like the top hat. But I think if you asked 100 comic book fans the most recgnizable thing about Z at least 90 would say the fishnets though.        
Posted by Doctor!!!!!

No Mesh!!!! Its a fashion no no!
Posted by raymk

What are those picks from? That doesn't look like war of the gods.