The Legacy of Captain Canuck

The first time I ever really made mention on Captain Canuck was in an issue of Justice League (the Giffen DeMatties run).  The League had gone off in the direction of being an international incarnation and some fans wrote in with the audacity to ask for some international characters.  One such fan was from Canada and Giffen (being the sarcastic person that he is) posted the letter in the letters section and wrote back to the fan that Captain Canuck would be joining in the next issue.  At the time I was a little girl (probably around eight) who was reading the back issues of her dad's extensive Justice League collection and the concept that a writer would make fun of his fans and potentially alienate them was not something I would have thought of.  Anyway I didn't have long to wait to read the next issue seeing as it was printed before I was born and was just sitting in the next plastic sleeve awaiting my young curiosity.  I was shocked to find no Captain Canuck when I read the issue, but this prompted me to be more curious about this character.  My dad explained that the character was an attempt by some want-to-be Canadian comic makers in the 1970s to create a home grown comic.  The name is a complete ripoff of Captain America (Canuck is just a nickname for someone from Canada) but despite appealing to the nationalistic side of Canadians it was mostly ignored.  On my 100s of trips to the comic book stores or used book stores to look for back issues of comics I rarely saw an issue, but when I did I would pick it up.  There was nothing really wrong with the concept, except that it sort of had a 50s style kind of origin, and the writing was pure 70s.  I could understand why it didn't last long compared to stiffer competition from the south.  So what is the legacy of Captain Canuck?  Well it is essentially this - most people in Canada don't seem to know where the name comes from, but the moniker of 'Captain Canuck' is attached to politicians, entertainers or athletes who represent Canada well on the international stage (though the name almost always goes to men.)  Still not a bad legacy for a comic book hero.  Its not like Barack Obama gets called Captain America after all.  
Posted by SC

Interesting blog, so many provocative ideas presented, I can't help but realize I may be kept awake all night pondering the implications of the ideas and motions you raise and put forward, Very interesting. Do you like this Captain Canuck more than his Marvel equivalent? In any case now, I must go and sit in my thinking chair and philosophize meditatively.