The FBCD Tease

The past couple of days I have actually gotten back into comics again. At least a little. What I have done is to pick up some indie titles that I have picked up from a number of different sources while allowing some of my regular favourites to sit for a while (Wonder Woman will get read eventually). One of the issues which I finally read was Shahradze. The concept of the series is a slight re-imagining of 1001 Arabian Tales where instead of the stories being told by the narrator (Scheherazade) they are lived by her, and instead of the tales being based in ancient Persia, they go across a number of genres (presumably at least some prehistoric tales and some science fiction.) The idea is quite a compelling one to me (I wish I had thought of it!) but there is a catch. All that I got to read was the Free Comic Book Day giveaway, not a full issue. And FBCD comes at the beginning of May and the first issue of this series is not due to be released until August. It is strange to give a preview in this case which is a long off preview, instead of launching the reader right into a series. Regardless I will remember to look for it when the time comes.

Here she is, showing off her many lives

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