Surfing the Bar Code

Breaking the fourth wall is a fairly common occurence in comics, its has most famously been used in She-Hulk, Animal Man and Deadpool, but it often shows up at various places.  One way though which is not often utilized is on comic book covers, in that it uses the publication information that is already there and takes advantage of it.  For instance here is one: 
This one is clever as it is a final issue and the characters are helping to "move out" by taking down the banner, logo and publication information.  I am not really sure what Dolphin is doing (other than providing some gratuitous imagery) and Johnny Thunder apparently has a pretty easy job but mostly the characters seem almost like the movers you might call to help you on moving day (though I am not sure if Batman appears so happy.) 
 This next one is more clever though I think: 

These montage pictures are breaking the fourth wall anyway, especially so that some like Wonder Woman seem almost tacked on.  It is not often that heroes pose in full action mode for an audience which isn't really there unless it for breaking the fourth wall.  More so though, the banner, publication information and logo are moving with the heroes.  The coolest part of this one though is the Atom who appears to be surfing the moving barcode.  
Another example is from the 'Nam 
 This series which has generally maintained a stance of being opposed to the war does so here as well.  The three Marvel heroes show up in a dream scenario bu the usual soldier in the top right seems a little confused.
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Posted by TheSheepHerder

The first one is just awesome. I like how the CCA seal is on those posters on the bottom!  
And yes, Batman doesn't appear to be enjoying carrying the DC logo with Dinah. xD

Posted by MrUnknown

Dinah doesn't look like she's enjoying it either. Nice title!

Posted by Doctor!!!!!

i use to have the second picture of the JLA as T-shirt.