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I generally don't pay much attention to upcoming releases from different comic companies, but seeing as a recent Grimm Fairy Tales preview issue was dedicated to the upcoming Unleashed story, it seems hard to avoid the ads for the story arc in the coming months. Very little has been revealed thus far, but one of the promos has caught my eye, and that is what looks like Sela dressed in some steampunk like clothing (for instance the goggles). There are other ads including other female characters that I don't think I have seen before and in a different genre, but that kind of makes it even more interesting. Comics is an interesting medium because it doesn't often make its own pop culture trends but rather adopts those from others. The rise of science fiction in pop culture in the 1960s can be seen as a reason for the onset of the silver age. Equally there have been other trends in comics such as Kung Fu, the supernatural, and vampires. The problem with steampunk is that it doesn't easily fit inside of other universes so well based off of its derivation (which is either based or inspired by 1880s-ish science and design) and so introducing characters into mainstream stories can be hard. The overlap of popular trends into comics can take some time as well. I first heard about steampunk about 7 years ago, but as usual I am sure I was behind on the bell curve of people who knew about it.

Thus far in comics to my knowledge there are only really two main steampunk oriented series or characters - The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen and Lady Mekanika. GFT stories also like to use their covers to channel other genres or to pay homage to other famous people (as with the other Unleashed ad that I have seen which is kung fu based), but also thus far they have not used such portrayals in promos before. Zenescope has mixed success sometimes at incorporating in outside ideas into their universe, and so if they are going with some steampunk, it will be interesting to see if it will work.

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Her costume is way too revealing to qualify as steampunk! I think Lady Mechanika is the perfect example because the Victorian-era dresses are kind of an essential part of the steampunk concept (not that Grimm would necessarily care about that).

Also, Captain Swing was a recent steampunk series. I would think comics would want to take advantage of the genre more often as it seems the perfect medium (aside maybe film) to capture the gorgeousness and possibilities of a steampunk world.

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@faeye: It is still a GFT inspired steampunk though. There has to be revealing clothes. I think comics is the best medium for it though.