Spider-Man Premiere Fashion Photos

It has been a while since I put one these blogs together, but I couldn't resist with the Emma Stone fashion invasion.  They have been marketing this movie all over the world, so lots of exposure for Miss Stone.   

Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus

The blonde looks fine, but I'd be much happier if she went back to being redheaded. Just my opinion. But she's gorgeous regardless of hair color, truly.

Posted by RazzaTazz
@RedheadedAtrocitus: She is a natural  blonde
Posted by KainScion

i can understand why jimmy went nuts about her. she looks better in white. at least as a blonde.

Posted by The Poet

I don't claim to know anything about fashion (i like to think of myself as an...admirer of fashion), but I have to say some of those outfits are just odd (and I don't been in a gaga kind of odd). Maybe its the angle of the camera shots or something, but like the first dress looks odd for example. the red flowers look alright but the way the bottom part of the dress jutts out like that is just a little odd. maybe if it was more like the leopard-esque dress then I think I would say it was alright.

but then again, I don't know fashion nor do i claim to know anything on that subject...

Posted by Renchamp

It's been so long, I didn't realize that I missed these. I don't see a single misstep with Emma Stone.

Posted by Blood1991

I was shocked by how much I liked her character in the movie.

Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus

@RazzaTazz: Oh I know she is, I just prefer her as redhead. Seems to fit her more than the blonde I say, but that's just me.

Posted by ArturoCalaKayVee

I love Emma Stone, she's an amazing actress and is beautiful. I loved her in Spidey.

Posted by Kairan1979

Gwen Stacy/Emma Stone looks much better than MJ Watson/Dunst.