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A lot of people have been asking me recently about the new appearance of Wonder Woman following the DC reboot.  I don’t mind the question as much, I guess as I am regarded as something of a Wonder Woman expert around here I should expect a few questions on this subject.   As a Wonder Woman fan I can say and have said that I like the present costume more than the original and for a variety of reasons.  What is more relevant though is that the question does not really have any relevance to the character  (CV’s multitalented headmistress already wrote an in-depth article on this, check it out!)

To approach this issue from a separate viewpoint, I will highlight something which has been reported on frequently in the news as of late.   The self-titled slut walks sprang up as a reaction in to a police officer insinuating that the responsibility for sexual abuse (including rape) lies partially on a woman and how she chooses to represent herself to the world.  This is a common rallying point of those with more conservative viewpoints, as though the women were asking for abuse by choosing to wear a miniskirt or show some cleavage.  Specifically a police officer stated that if women want to remain safe they should “avoid dressing like sluts.”  This implies some absolution for the perpetrators of these crimes as the women were partially asking for it because of the way they were dressed.  Women’s groups were obviously somewhat bothered by the obfuscation of the issue as it resorted once again to the standard one of blaming the victim.  A march of protest was organized in in which women took to the streets dressed in clothing that would be considered slutty.   The response?   Well some of course decried them for their actions, but others around the world took an interest in the cause and organized their own versions, spreading as far recently after having previously shown up in a few American cities.  

To tie this back into Wonder Woman, it essentially doesn’t matter what she is wearing.  The character is based on principles such as pacifism, open-mindedness and non-discrimination.   By focusing too much on the outer clothing, the message is lost in the medium.   Just as so many people look at a scantily clad woman and think only of sex while not thinking she is free to dress how she wants without being judged, the same applies to Wonder Woman.   In terms of comic book heroines she stands above them all for the reason that she was designed in a time when discrimination and double standards were the norm, and has remained an icon against these practices now for about seven decades.   Whether she wears pants or shorts is mostly pointless to the message she represents, and I advise comic book fans to look beyond the surface to the woman and the message underneath.      


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That is so true. Very well said.

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Very nice read Razz and while agree for the msot part, I think that the problem that people have with DC changing the look of Wonder Woman from pants back to shorts (or whatever the hell that actually is) is not that they care about what the character,  but that DC is looking to attract more readers into reading her book by having her wear "slutty clothes".  
Before I go into that I think that I should adress the point you made about these "protests" that you have addressed, which I have had no previous knowledge of. This could be because I do not keep myself up to date with everything that is going on around the world, combined with the fact that I do not live in America, which would mean that the news probably isn't broadcasted as evidently here where I am at, if it is broadcast at all. I think that whatever these people are going on about is ridiculous, and that however thought that women where partially responsible needs to be hit in a head with a hammer. Preferably Thor's. It makes absolutely no sense, their argument is not even properly justified. A person will not suddenly decide to rape someone when they see someone they find attractive. They either are rapists from the start, and if they are, they are looking to rape regardless, no? 
Back to Wonder Woman, I do agree with you on the fact that maybe people are looking too much into what Wonder Woman is dressing, since she has always been dressed this way, and that should not really impact the way people perceive the character. The reason that I do not think what DC did was a smart idea (not that it bothers me that much) is because first of all they may be using Wonder Woman's appeal to have further readers buy her comics. The second reason why this is a problem is because I think by having her wear pants she is has been "modernized" in a sense. She symbolises how Women are equal to Men in every way and that they are no longer a Men's property, whose value is measured by how good they look.  
However, I do not really care much for the change, even though I think it was wrong on DC's part and I do think that you brought up a good point on the matter, and people should not really be so obsessed with the superficialities such as what she is wearing, but more the message of the character.
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Gee Razza Enough About The Black Leggings Our Greek... dammit, my brain is too small. *red* 
Wonder Woman, need never worry about losing her iconic status, and as such, is a character that can (andin this case I would say should) actually be allowed to wear a lot of different looks without losing anything of her marketability, which is a great place to be for a character. Especially since clothes are so easy to change around and modify. Art wise, and with the logic of real life practicalities. Plus as you eloquently state there is that message and idea and theme underneath anyway. 

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Once again, another extremely well written piece.

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@RazzaTazz: S.L.U.T. abbreviated.. do I get a prize?
P.S. Good article.

I wanted to come up with an opinion regarding Wonder Womans style of dress (which I approve of FYI), but the part about the police officers opinion
made me want to throw up. That person should not be allowed to work in law enforcement just on basic principle alone.

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@ReVamp: I am not sure how the psychology of a rapist works.  I don't think it is something which men just do one day though.   Your last paragraph is pretty accurate.  I personally prefer the pants myself.   
@SC: I see what you did there.   
@Nova`Prime`: I don't have any prizes stockpiled sorry.  Anyway I think SC sort of mentioned that first, if only indirectly. 
@CATPANEXE:  Well cops come in all shapes and sizes.  I was reading yesterday that there are places in the USA where in order to apply they cant have had a DUI in the past three years.  That should really be more like never had one.  
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Yes. Point taken. I'm just saying, if a rapist wants to rape someone, he's not going to streamline his "possibilities" to those that are dressed "sluttily" (though it might implicate on how much he wants to compared to other "possibilities)". Conversely, a man isn't going to turn into a rapist just because he lusts for a woman.
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@ReVamp: Exactly right, that is kind of the reasoning behind the slut marches.  In such a violent crime (there is nothing really more violent than murder) it is strange to blame the victim.  If someone is held up at gunpoint, robbed, shot and murdered, you don't blame the victim because they were carrying a wallet.  The same principle applies here.  
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Yeah, I know. Though a fairer analogy would be a victim of an assault flashing cash. Still, it isn't right for doing it and out of all those crimes, Rape is possibly the one I deem the most inhumane.
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@ReVamp: Inhumane or inhuman?
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Ok. Allow me to pull out my trump card, which I do not think I have done yet. My excuse is that English is my second language. Muahahaha.  
But anyways, isn't it similar?  

adjective /inˈ(h)yo͞omən/ 

  1. Lacking human qualities of compassion and mercy; cruel and barbaric

  2. Not human in nature or character
    • - the inhuman scale of the dinosaurs


adjective /ˈinhyo͞oˈmān/ 

  1. Without compassion for misery or suffering; cruel
    • - confining wild horses is inhumane
But yeah, it should be the first one... :(
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Nicely said.

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@RazzaTazz: :(
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@ReVamp: I was trying to be fancy, your English is actually quite good, better than most native speakers on here actually, don't be conscious about that.  
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@Nova`Prime`: You can have a virtual "way to go" 
(searches for a "way to go" gif)
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I'm not. Not to be arrogant, but my english is actually quite good :P
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The police officer is a moron and obviously a terrible law enforcer.

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What really irritates the hell out of me about what those cops said is that many female rape victims weren't even dressed in provocative attire when they were assaulted! Those comments were nothing more than thinly-veiled misogyny.

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Another great post, Razz! :)