Should the Cinematic Universes go Viral?

Since coming to this site and being somewhat of a Wonder Woman expert, people often ask me how I think a Wonder Woman movie should be realized. There are a lot of problems in my mind with creating a Wonder Woman movie, but foremost among them is the problem of establishing her as a character that the movie going public would like to see. Many fans of comic book movies have already complained about "origin burnout" or in other words of being bored with origin after origin for each new character. This is one of the reasons how the Avengers succeeded where it did as all the characters had already been introduced, it was easy to put them into a coherent story. Now that DC wants to launch its own Justice League movie, it adds a bit of a problem, that being that the movie is going to be released before it is reasonable to assume that there are movies for the four remaining characters from the team that have yet to be introduced in their own movies. At the same time I wonder about the Marvel Cinematic Universe and whether there is enough momentum to keep it going. Most people have heard of Captain America and the Hulk even if they are not comic fans, but are people willing to continue to go to movies for Ant-Man or Guardians of the Galaxy? Marvel has done well to get this far into its own separate universe, but it might be riding too many hopes on the success of lesser known characters to keep the series going. As a suggestion though, I see no reason why the universes have to be restricted in any way simply to the cinemas. Other series have expanded beyond film to expand their universe, and it seems strange that the comic companies which are already across numerous mediums are hesitant to do so. I am not saying that all mainstream movies have to be canceled, just it would fill out the universe much more if for instance DC said that Arrow were to be part of their own continuity, or if for instance that they don't think the Martian Manhunter's origin on the big screen to just put it out as an animated movie which is still considered part of the whole. I think perhaps by looking too big that maybe the companies are missing smaller pieces which could help glue the bigger series together. There have been numerous series which could help complete the vision, and even something like Timm's Justice League Unlimited is not too far off in scope. So maybe the solution to the Flash and Wonder Woman and Aquaman in the Justice League movie is not to let them battle for time there, but give them the time elsewhere to establish themselves and then make the jump.

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That's a great idea. It never even crossed my mind, until now, how cool it would be for cartoons to be part of mainstream continuity. And with DC leading in animation this would be the perfect move.

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I am ok with movie and cartoon sharing the same universe. I wish this was true of the Transformers franchise since I like the transformers movies but not the transformers cartoons. It is easier to do stand alone stories rather than link everything in movies, tv and comics. There are more creative stories coming out when old continuities are ignored. Linking everything in movies, tv and comics will probably be too huge a burden on the freedom of the creators and this could be feasible only for a limited period like 3 to 6 years.

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Congrats on blog #500! :D

I don't see Marvel running out of material or character. Hawkeye isn't a terribly well known character for the general public, same with Winter Soldier, Black Widow, Nick Fury, etc. By establishing them in supporting roles they have introduced them in a way, and that's apart of the brilliance of Marvel. All of their movies are connected, Stark pops up in Incredible Hulk, Fury's in First Avenger, IM 1&2, and so on. We still don't know if Ant-Man will appear in another Marvel movie as a cameo or just be mentioned. If Ant-Man flops, it wouldn't kill Marvel, they'll just move on.

The big issue I see with DC is that their heavy hitters outside of Batman have flopped. I don't know how much the general public knows about the members of the JL. Aquaman is STILL thought of as a joke by a lot of the general public, though he's proven long ago to be the opposite. Flash will be very difficult to put on screen for a various of reasons, WW has had trouble in the past succeeding outside of comics, MM and Steel can't be that well known, right? At least Hal's got his intro film.

I do agree that DC must embrace their one advantage over Marvel, animated movies and shows. By having origin stories told there, or characters reintroduced by that method, it could help them. But the way DC is talking, they're scared that Marvel's lead might be too big to close if they don't hurry and get a JL movie out. Marvel has shown DC how to be successful, take your time, establish the characters, get your universe right, then release a team up.

And it just occurred to me that I may have written too much. :\

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@xanni15: Not too much and thanks for commenting, I think you made the point more clearly than I did. And 500! Thanks for noticing.

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I disagree. I don't see why they shouldn't dedicate an entire movie to a characters origin. If a movie looks good, then people will watch it. Take Thor. A lot of people thought it was going to fail badly, but it ended up being a huge success. If Ant-Man and Guardians of the Galaxy look like good movies, then people will watch them. As for DC. I agree, they're in trouble. As of now, there is absolutely no continuity in the DC cinematic universe. Making a JLA movie is just too hasty. Instead of focusing on that, they should be focusing on their main characters. Go on with Man of Steel. If that's a success, then make another. Reboot Batman. The Dark Knight trilogy should be enough to promote it. Make a Wonder Woman movie. If done well, it can be a huge success. Not many female heroes out there right now. Then work on Flash, Green Lantern, Aquaman, Manhunter, etc. If those work out, then go ahead with the JLA movie. Either that, or they could try introducing characters in other movies. Have Aquaman come in as a Superman villain. Or even Green Lantern. That's how the comics tend to do it and its worked out.

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I think they could make a movie explaining a characters origin in such a way that it isn't one in such the obvious sense.Take for example the Thor movie it doesn't really feel like a straight up origin movie,yet it explains it but they put other story lines in there to focus on.Same with Batman Begins and even Iron Man.Instead of just creating a straight up origin movie it works better to make it in the way where the characters past/origins are explained,but they aren't necessarily the main focus or the only thing going on in the movie.

But I also think maybe an issue with lesser known characters or lesser known origins is that maybe a problem.I mean take Spidermans or Batmans origin stories for example they are as known and as symbolic as the character themselves.Mainly because they are simple to understand and easy to get across.So also that is something to bear in mind.

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Considering DC's leading in animation, this makes complete sense for comic fans AND the general public. Remember how confused everyone else was when they saw that the Green Lantern was a white guy in the film? They were expecting John Stewart because he was the GL that was already established. They make a Flash film, people are going to expect a boisterous redhead called Wally (main character in not one but TWO popular animated series! C'mon, they will) and not a shy blonde. If DC managed to amalgamate their multimedia franchises, we could have a winner on our hands. And some serious competition for Marvel.