Sexy Raphael and Sexy Optimus Prime

I f there is one day of the year though when feminine restraint goes out the window and when I go for a sexier look it is today - Halloween (well I do it on a few other days as well).  In the past few years I have gone as the pirate lady with the corset, frilly miniskirt and fishnet stockings, or the nurse, with the too small costume and white tights (versions of which are shown here) 

I am generally not one those Halloween types though that likes to make their own costume.  I don’t often have the imagination to do it nor the time, both of which I like to attribute to my school.  So I often end up just buying something from a store that sells costumes. So what I do like to do is to at least have something imaginative, or which allows me to role play a little.  After all it is possible to pretend to be a pirate or nurse, but pretty hard to pretend to be a sexy cat or mouse.

I must admit though I am perplexed at a couple of options I have seen this year.  They are sexy costumes to be sure, and yet still have a story behind them, but the reasoning for them baffles my mind.  I am talking about the sexy Optimus Prime costume and the sexy Ninja Turtle costume, which is actually supposed to represent the wisecracking Raphael.


I can’t understand how this would appeal to most women from my vantage point, mostly as the characters are supposed to be male.  I suppose Optimus Prime is a robot and is therefore genderless, and in even more of a stretch some amphibians can switch genders when surrounded by overwhelming numbers of the same gender (as I suppose four mutant turtles might be apt to do), but these are male characters.  Keira Knightley gave us a good example of a take-charge female pirate, and there are tonnes of examples of female nurses in both fiction and reality.


On the other hand there are no examples of sexy female Transformers and even less of Ninja Turtles, yet here we are.

I suppose it all comes down to people running out of fresh ideas.  But seeing things like this just makes me want to pick up a needle and thread and make something for myself finally

Posted by Daveyo520

So sexy. Next we should have sexy Abe Lincoln.

Posted by ragdollpurps

Hey now, there are sexy female (Well, supposedly female. Like you said, they're robots without much use for gender.) Transformers, like Arcee or Elita One. They seem pretty sexy for robots. And it isn't at all hard to pretend to be a sexy kitty. I also don't think those Ninja Turtle costumes are so bad, I was actually considering going as Donatello this year.

Posted by thehummingbird

@Daveyo520 said:

So sexy. Next we should have sexy Abe Lincoln.

abe lincoln? Girl please Benjamin Franklin would be much better a choice.

Though the raphael is more than ridiculous.

Edited by Daveyo520

@thehummingbird: How about a nice James K. Polk? He is a dark horse after all. A nice button down jacket.

PS Razz, there are lady transformers.

Posted by RazzaTazz
Oh yes I know that there are female Transformers (I actually copied this off of another blog and edited it in here), still Optimus is a male Transformer , so the costume is kind of weird
Posted by Daveyo520

@RazzaTazz: That is true. I did see some cosplay of the Lady Transformers at NYCC. Well, is gender bending any better?

Posted by ragdollpurps

@RazzaTazz: That's true. I think the gender bending Turtles work better than gender bender Prime. I don't see why they can't make a Transformer costume for girls, especially when Arcee was in Revenge of the Fallen.

Posted by Hawkeye446

Ohhhhhh, weird O.O

Posted by FadeToBlackBolt

This thread is false, Optimus Prime has always been sexy. 

Posted by ComicMan24

Actually there was female Ninja Turtle called Venus in a live-action series.

Never really thought of Optimus as sexy lol