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So I am disappointed with the ongoing poorly conceived romance between Wonder Woman and Superman, I have this clear in a number of blogs (I just wrote one) but at the end of the last Justice League issue (#14) there was at least a glimmer of hope for me that the writers have something more planned than just a gimmick.  I am not sure if this is intentional but this actually channels and idea from a group of Justice League enemies, the Crime Syndicate of Amerika (there are spoilers ahead by the way.)  The Crime Syndicate is built on a love triangle between Ultraman, Superwoman and Owlman.  The roles are reversed as it is Ultraman that sits on his satellite and snipes energy blasts at the other two as his wife is having an affair with one of his allies.  I don't expect the same to play out in Justice League, as the roles are reversed, but now that Batman knows about the romance between these two (as he is watching from the satellite) he is surely to use this knowledge at some point, and probably to drive a wedge between them.  No one can tell of course how, but at the moment it is nice at least to see some of the old pre-new 52 universe sneaking its way into the new even if not on purpose.  

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Posted by colonyofcells

My guess is none of the New 52 relationships will last too long like what you see in soap operas so I won't worry too much over them.

Posted by TheCrowbar

@RazzaTazz: I love how you're posting this just as I put this comic down!

I hope Batman doesn't interfere, but I do hope he moves to protect his friend should WW break his heart. I've always thought Wonder Woman was the more militant of the trinity, something both Batman and Superman had an issue with(Or it's my KC getting me confused again).

Though I could see Batman spying on them because they're the two most powerful beings on the planet, if they joined forces, no one could stop them.

Or he's just a voyeur.

Posted by RazzaTazz
@TheCrowbar: I look at Batman as the one enforcing a form of discipline on the League, sort of like with the OMACs or tower Of Babel.  So you might be right.  I just thought the similarities to CSA was interesting.  
Posted by Icon

I'm interested to see where it goes. I don't think it's fair to conclude anything so quickly. We're only a couple issues in and this is supposed to have ramifications for while. Plus I like the pairing, it shakes things up and deserves a chance to evolve.

Posted by feebadger

Has anyone considered that this might just be Batman's hobby? Shame on you, Bats, shame... ;P

Posted by Lvenger

So not only is Batman creepy, he's a blackmailer as well? For shame Bruce :P

Posted by JonSmith

I suspect Bats is watching solely to keep an eye on Clark, not Diana. Clark was just the victim of a supernatural infection, displaying his weakness for magic. Now he's dating an Amazon who revolves around magic for her powers? Batman is paranoid enough to see a connection there. Not to mention, Batman wasn't familiar with the cure that was used on Clark. So he probably suspects it may not last, or that Clark could have a flare up.

Posted by krspaceT

I like the stretched idea, but here's one thing about Geoff that I believe a starred review once mentioned.....his plots always are better at the end then when they begin.

Batman could have reasons to do this....maybe Azzerzello has a plan to make Batman have a serious reason to suspect Wonder Woman and he might be worried Superman is being pulled in to some plot.....

After all, if Atlantis can attack, why can't the Amazons (Batman doesn't necessarily know that they are stone

Posted by Press Oblivion

@feebadger said:

Has anyone considered that this might just be Batman's hobby? Shame on you, Bats, shame... ;P


Posted by Doctor!!!!!

Man Batman.... What a creeper.

Posted by SUNMAN

Batman doesn't like fun lol

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@SUNMAN: Lol! I was hoping they would play it straight to see what they would do, but there's no way Batman would let Flash do that, haha

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@Captain13 said:

@SUNMAN: Lol! I was hoping they would play it staright, but there's no way Batman would let Flash do that, haha

lol that was a good one.

i like this one too, check it out just keep watching Wonder Woman

Posted by darkman61288

Dont worry because by the looks of Superman unchained Supes and Lois might be back together again.

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Posted by War07

I think scott will focus on lois and clark friendship in unchained not relationship!

Posted by darkman61288

@War07: It could start out as that but if the chemistry between them is good in both Man of Steel and Superman Unchained then it might create more interest in them as a couple and force the Brass at WB to make Johns pair them back up. I think that it be very likely that Lois and Clark will be back together soon.

lol sorry but YAAAAAAAAAAAAA

Posted by FatihBATMAN

lol nice videos :P is supes and WW relationship still ongoing?

Posted by darkman61288

@FatihBATMAN: Yea but I dont think it last.

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@darkman61288: I dont think so cause both andy and lodbell told that lois will remain as a friend and support to supes and also they will also focus WB and SB relationship.A chemistry can also define as a friendship too.I hope both supes and wondie last longer cause I like them being together.If snyder really wants to give another boring lois and clark story just because of the Man of steel movie then Im off.I not a fan of that couple!

Posted by darkman61288

@War07: Lodell and Andy say that now but things change maybe Clarks and Lois chemistry as friends might so well written that they might change their minds, plus I think Lobell doesnt like the pairing of Superman and Wonder Woman. He calls WW "Superman's current lover" and Superman is pining for Lois. However what makes me think that the SM/WW pairing is a short term thing is that Snyder said all that about the Lois and Clark pairing but Jim Lee said nothing to what I read about the WW and Superman pairing. Which is werid is that Jim Lee is one those who thought of the idea of it.

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@darkman61288: How could you think lodbell doesnt like the pairing?Im sure u have read superman #15 where wonder woman is called superman's beloved not as his current lover even geoff jones told they are a new status quo and a power couple.U also may have read young romance where supes and wondie where dating eachother.I dont think they are not going make us supes and wondie fans upset by doing this.Lois and clark can have a good chemistry by being friends.I think jim lee thought of that idea because it will help boost sales cause of the movie man of steel.

Posted by Captain13
L&C...Clueless Together
Lois And Supes
Posted by darkman61288

@Captain13: I always thought of you as a SM/WW shipper. eh?

@War07: I think Geoff Johns said that to create controversy. If he said that Superman was going to date a few other women including Diana then settle down with Lois do you think that it would have had as much as a coverage by the media? No, controversy sells he knows that. The way they are writing the pairing shows it is not meant to be long term. Everything is moving to fast.

Posted by FatihBATMAN

me neither though

Posted by darkman61288

@FatihBATMAN:Nor should it last

Posted by FatihBATMAN

great! :)

Posted by SUNMAN

everyone knows WW and SM are getting jiggy with it. They should fess up before it is too late.

Cyborg knows. Batman knows. Flash may know if Cyborg told him. Martian Man Hunter knows. Amanda Waller knows. Steve Trevor knows.

So basically everyone but Aquaman lol