Return of the Captain

Think of the most famous Canadian superhero and who comes to mind? Some will argue against the fact that Wolverine is a Canadian hero and thus who does that leave us with? Alpha Flight? In fact not, as I mentioned a long time ago, we do have Captain Canuck, the Canadian version of Captain America with a better name. The problem with such a character is both from a design and business perspective. The character himself is thoroughly based in the 1970s silver age, and today's more realistic approach to comics does not work hand in hand with that very well. Additionally there is the usual problem of any Canadian entity trying to compete against the rest of the North American market - that there is just not enough of a fanbase to support the character.

The recent news with the character is potentially more promising though, as have other comic creators before, the character of Captain Canuck will be taken to the internet (on Canada Day no less) in an animated series. Perhaps this finally gives the character a chance to be known in the medium after being ignored for so long (the new design might help too.)

Posted by Jonny_Anonymous

That is one bad ass redesign

Posted by maurdakar

They should lose the blue stick. Just have it be white energy, which would make more sense anyways. Nice try attempting to sneak red white and blue into an otherwise red/white design and market it as Canadian.

Posted by Ms. Omega

Wow I dig the new outfit.

Posted by RazzaTazz
Posted by RazzaTazz
Posted by Jonny_Anonymous

I think it's quite a cool comic book trope that everybody has there own Captain *Insert Country*

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Posted by AweSam

That is nice costume. Better than Captain Yankee's, if I say so myself. I'm Canadian, but I don't really care much for a guy called "Captain Canuck".

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I'll always support comic creators from by homeland. It's great that someone is doing something with the character, I heard of Captain Canuck when I was a kid, but never had a chance to read anything with him.

I read a while ago that someone was developing a film, anyone know the status of that?

Posted by RazzaTazz

@rdclip: I think the film never came together

Posted by canuckdad

I have been watching the online series and just got the 2014 Cpt Canuck Canada Day issue and love it all. I think it's great he is back. I normally like a more serious comic but it's been great reading and watching episodes with a lighter, silver age style. I like that I can read and watch this with my 10 year old girl. It's helping her get into comics and heroes as well as national pride. Welcome back Captain Canuck! I only wish it was a monthly series or had a few graphic novels