Nuclear Issues

Generally speaking when I read golden age issues I find the process kind of challenging.  Not from the sense that I don’t understand what is going on, the opposite actually because golden age issues were designed for a different audience, mostly children and thus the stories can tend to be a little simplistic at times.  Of course this represents a different era and I can appreciate that but this simplistic approach leads to some pretty basic storylines, both along the lines of characters and concepts.  Mystery in Space has the added element of getting so much science wrong, maybe not a huge issue considering their understanding of science was lacking, but things like people living on Mercury or on the surface of Jupiter are pretty farfetched.  One interesting aspect of the series though is the microcosm of life at the time and one of the most interesting aspects of this is that of the harnessing of nuclear power.  Much like society in the 1950s this took on two aspects – either the potential for great destruction or great good.  Of course that debate still continues to this day in a smaller version, the Fukushima plant crisis has led some to reconsider the use of power plants, and Barack Obama has continued to try to decrease the size of the arsenals of the world’s nuclear power at the same time as smaller nations are trying to arm themselves with this technology.  What these issues represent though is the extremes of both of these potentials.  On the one hand there is the colonization of planets made possible by nuclear power and nuclear engines, on the other hand there are doomsday devices and the threat of intergalactic nuclear war.  In terms of extremes it offers an interesting look into the world of the 1950s when these new discoveries meant a lot more would be possible, and give a bit of respect for where we have gotten navigating the nuclear world.
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Your one of few people that make threads that I enjoy reading. You wright about topics that makes the reader think