Non's Non Feat

There was some talk yesterday surrounding the new Superman trailer. I guess as with most trailer I experience the same general indifference as I don't feel as though it is necessarily a reflection on the movie itself, nor do I feel like I need a sneak preview of an experience that I will be having in two months time (I still have to see Iron Man 3 by the way.) Some discussion centered around whether one of the characters was Non, one of the fan favourites from Superman II. I have never really ever talked about any of the Superman movies even though I have seen them as I am not the biggest fan of the character nor is it really contemporary. There is one funny seen though in this movie that the discussion reminded me of. At one point Zod and friends figure out that by taking Superman's friends at the Daily Planet hostage that it will force the Man of Steel to show up. So they go on a rampage through the building led by dim-witted Non. Some carnage follows as Non punches his way to the office of Perry White, but in actuality it should be a lot more. He knocks over furniture or punches through glass whereas a real Kryptonian could pick up the building and the several blocks around it without being bothered by it. Perry defends himself by throwing a metal globe at Non's head, whereas in fact the character can shrug off nuclear bombs. In terms of a show of force, it is not really that impressive and remains for me one things about the movie that does not let me take that character seriously.

Go ahead and show that styrofoam table who is boss!

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