Neves' Art of the Sword

At this point I am not sure why I am reading Demon Knights.  I know why I started, and that is because there was a Wonder Woman lookalike on one of the issues (who turned out to be an Amazon.)  It is fairly well written but still not really the genre which I usually go for.  With the introduction of the new story line involving some legends related to the Knights of the Long Table I am even less interested, but there have been a few things that have struck me so far.  For instance, some of the new characters of the team seem pretty intriguing, and especially so those that are new to the series (al Jabr and the Horsewoman though the portrayal of Madame Xanadu is also noteworthy.)  While the series has mostly focused on the defense of a small town in a mountain pass, there have also been some thematic patterns which I have noticed.  I am not really familiar with the artist as most of his work has been on X-titles before this (and at that not many) but  it has occurred to me that he likes to sneak in excuses to draw magnificent looking swords.  Generally the depiction of swords in art is restricted to either portraits or historical interpretations (though angels are often depicted with swords as well) so it is interesting to see so much emphasis placed on the swords here.  Of course every artist has their own style and interests, and even then that has to be counter balanced around the needs of the story, but it is still interesting to find an artist who puts more emphasis on the straight edged weapons as opposed to the characters holding them. 

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