Mera and the Mermaids - The Sirens

In the continuing series of comparing Mera to the most famous mermaids (as driven by the book I am reading “A Mermaid’s Tale”) the next up are the sirens.  As the author somewhat needlessly points out, the sirens are generally not regarded as true mermaids, and much the same as Melusine they were originally depicted as more of bird hybrids than as fish hybrids.  Their depiction over time has changed as their watery backgrounds influenced the perception of them.  Of course the sirens are best known for their voices (which the author of this book not so successfully compares to a beneficial song, not a destructive one) and their ability to lure men to their deaths with this song.  Voices do not translate as well to comics and so neither does singing, and so any connection to Mera would be a difficult one.  Without having read the remainder of the book, I would say of the traditional mermaids depicted that Mera and generally all mermaids have the least in common with the sirens.  They are certainly creatures of a marine origin and maintain some of the typical characteristics (temptation of men) but for a character such as Mera who is already an unconventional mermaid, the comparison to other mermaids is tenuous at best.  

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@RazzaTazz: in my language we've got only one word to identify mermaids and sirens, both with fish hybrids and bird hybrids, we call them "Sirene" and people usually don't know that there's a difference between the true syrens and mermaids, because we use to identify them as a fish hybrid forgetting that they've also got the bird form(even if we all study mithology at school for at least two years, if not more lol). This article is very interesting! This make me more interested in Mera, I'll have to check out some of her stories

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@Veitha: Which language is that?

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@RazzaTazz: that's Italian