Meet you at the convention


It has been some good (and intentional) timing as of late that certain comic book issues have come out detailing the goings on at comic book conventions, especially so as this relates to this past weekend at SDCC (the issues were in Archie and Friends and Power Girl.)  This is a sort of breaking of the fourth wall look at the events, for such events may not really exist in the comic book world unless as they are influenced by the real world.  The interesting thing though is that the comic book conventions in comics are portrayed as almost idealized versions of real life.  There are no lineups, no crowds and no stand-offish stars of comic book movies.  What instead happens is the characters involved get to have the perfect experience (in the Archie version the gang gets a free pizza party from J.J. Abrams.)  In this Archie version even the cafeteria food is good.  Of course SDCC is fun in its own right even with these drawbacks (or at least appears to be – I didn’t go) but the comics version looks better and more fulfilling, something which is perhaps satiating to the fans, to make a great experience even better.

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