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It was with a bit of hesitation that I heard that a new Justice League International was in the works.  The concept is not very troubling to me, it is just that I remember the version from the 80s and 90s and how much I didn’t really enjoy this series.  For those that know the history of the Justice League this period stood out as one highlighting the comedic hijinks of Booster, Blue Beetle and Guy Gardner with pretty much other character playing the role of straight man.  While I generally found the attempt at comedy somewhat weak, another trend which this League was known for was a tendency to use characters that were popular or trendy at the time and yet didn’t last long in their own series.  Booster and Blue Beetle were the main characters exhibiting this as they both had series which ran for 24 issues.  With the new version of the League I do like certain aspects – one that it is much more international, and another that it has a decent balance between male and female characters.  The newest developments in the title don’t fare as well though (spoilers ahead) as it appears that both Batwing (from the Congo) and O.M.A.C. (from Cambodia) will be joining the team.  I can’t say at this point if Batwing will survive or not, but it is certain that O.M.A.C. will not.  Although this league has taken a more serious tone I am still left wondering if it will be the resting place of those other series that didn’t find their own success.    

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Posted by jrock85

Too much Booster and Gardner, so far. The rest of the cast need more panel time.

Posted by Avenging-X-Bolt

I believe Firehawk will also be joining. This is one of the titles I wanted to check out the most.

Posted by KidChipotle

I want Ted Kord to fund the JLI with him being the former Blue Beetle (since IC never happened, he never died). But i understand your concern that JLI will be the nesting ground for all the characters who don't work out in their own solo's. OMAC is joining JLI, Static is joining the TT, and Mr. Terrific is jumping to Earth-2. We'll see where Hawk and Dove end up in the future.

Posted by Artya

Was in O.M.A.C that the Kord industries guy was killed? That could mean Ted is alive... as O.M.A.dness hasn't happened yet.

I think that some guys will come here but not everyone. It would make them JL Evicted.

Posted by Kairan1979

Funny thing is that JLI acted more like Justice League than the Big Seven.