I believe in angels


It often comes as a surprise to people that I believe in angels.  Not in the strict religious sense (and most religions do have some form of an angelic being) and as an extension not the comic book angels like Linda Danvers or Zauriel that are an exaggeration of the religious beings (there ... I talked about comics, so I have justified this post), but more so just that there are random acts of kindness and good all over the world and often by mysterious forces.  On Christmas I often think about the people that have brightened my life the previous year, just it is not often the case that we always get a chance to thank the people that have made us smile or laugh or taught us something new.  So I would just like to take this opportunity on this day to thank all of those who are my friends or have been my friends or even those who do the same for others,  for making my making my experience this past year a better one and who made the world a better place with their friendliness and happiness and joy.  Merry Christmas everyone!
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You are an awesome friend Tammy. I am really glad I met you. :)

Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus

And Merry Christmas to you! :) I can truly say that the world is a better place to me now since having gotten to know you, especially going into this Christmas season. May your season be the brightest and best!

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Thank thee Lord!!:) At first,I didn't think I'd sympathize you more than I had already-you were so kind and nice to me plus you do all these awesome stuff.

When I read the title.. :D

The way I see it,one has two choices:either you believe in luck or you believe in God.Seriously,there are not other alternatives or middle ground.There CAN'T be middle ground everywhere.It comes down to how each one views life (my humble opinion of course).

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I believe in angels on earth, and coming across one (like you), is what I find lucky.

All the best to you too, my friend!

Posted by ReVamp

Ha. Totally comic book related ;).

Personally, I never even think about angels. I don't even think about then when I think about religion. Though my religion is an extremely complicated issue. :P

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I cannot believe I have not commented on this already, and me of all people, right?:P Anyway, better late than never I guess.

I believe angels exist in all planes: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. Most of the time though we come to recognize our "angels" and our "demons" through hindsight and experience.There are those times when we as humans have experiences that cannot be explained, and then there are angels that can come in the form of a friend, a feeling of hope, or even both.

When I think of an angel in that sense, I think of you. I truly feel that since I have came to know you I have become a much better person and a even better man. Merry Christmas Tammy and thank you for all the encouragement and support you have given me over this past year. I look forward to next year and may it be even better than the last. ^_^

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Your'e a wonderful person Razz, and you've certainly graced our lives with your endless wisdom and humor. It's a bit late, I know, but Merry Christmas. :)

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I never seen angels in Marvel... :/