How to be the perfect girlfriend

When I happened upon the romance comic anthology recently I never though I would ever read any more after I had finished it, but I did turn up a few others.  Most romance comics are such that the entire issue itself a collection of usually two or three stories, follows one of a few certain plots, and so give or take it is not so much different from watching the Kardashians or the Bachelor as the stories meld into one another so easily.  Something which occurred to me while reading these is that the world’s that the characters inhabit are essentially as fantastical as those of any super hero.  Maybe the setting is a little more normal, but the means by which some of the events is just as unrealistic.  As with many of the comics at the time, the reader didn’t just get a story but also got a lesson in something or other.  Wonder Woman comics had the Wonder Women of History and later Marriage Customs of the world, while Mystery in Space had Giants of the Telescope or all kinds of astronomical facts.  Romance comics correspondingly had a lot of dating and fashion advice, but this really brings it all back to the realm of the fantastical.  As with the advice pages shown here the fashion advice is not as bad I guess (though I never had to dress myself in  the 1970s) but I would say the dating advice is so horribly misplaced that it is worse than useless.  The fans reading it would become just as misled by the fantastical world as someone reading Batman that was looking for advice on how to drive a performance automobile.  As a portion of comic book history, romance comics have their place, and mostly a forgotten one, but it is interesting to note that these comics created imaginary worlds just as much as any other comic, with the danger of course being that on the surface that they appear more real.  

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This is pretty awesome.

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This is great.

Rule one to dating: Don't be not attractive.

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LOL - fantastic Razzy!

But I just had to point this one out:

7) Do you boast how superior you are to him?

Answer: If you do, you’ll never make it after the first date, true as it may be. A guy doesn’t like a dumb ninny, but he doesn’t want her to compete in “important thinking,” as one boy said. “Art, music, movies, all the smaller things are okay for a gal to be groovy about, but when it comes to international events and politics, for instance, I don’t want to be told by a smarty-pants.”




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@lykopis: It is okay if you know more about the kitchen than us too.

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@Daveyo520 said:

Rule one to dating: Don't be not attractive.

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@Galathanos Back at ya dawwwwwwg.

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PS I kid I kid.

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@lykopis See. I had no clue about any of that stuff.

The 70's *shrugs* Those comics were bent on every gender and race. See: Charles Atlas comic book ads for the direct variant of this. In fact everything was base. Then again, so was America and every apparent moral and good lesson put out by the media. I'm looking fore ward to the 80's personally, humanity should evolve by then? No, your right, it won't. I'll be in my tower until 2030 then. * hops in RKO style pie tin looking spaceship and zips off *