Heroes of Cosplay Episode 4 Review

Episode 4 of Heroes of Cosplay took the cast to Anime Matsuri. Immediately as soon as I started to watch this episode I knew that I was out of my area of knowledge, for while I like comics, I really know very little about anime. As soon as I saw the costumes that were being designed this was confirmed to me, so I had less connection to this issue in that sense. What actually drew me in though was the design that Holly and Jessica went with, as it left the audience at the convention dumbfounded and me as well, which fit in with my entire understanding of anime.

In terms of actual comics stuff in this episode, there was not so much, only a Marvel character cosplay that was part of the convention, and even then the guest judge Becky inexplicably wore a bizarre Black Widow costume with bunny ears (the ears were the inexplicable part). Overall, this episode was less engaging as the characters deal more with outside interests and commitments as opposed to this actual convention (five of the characters are shown working on other projects). There are some tense moments as well, even there there is a decent resolution to them. Perhaps it was better to get such a theme out there as well earlier on in the series, for that the more engaging issues can be shown later?

Posted by Jean_Luc_LeBeau

I've always wondered if this show was any good. I watched part of a sode and its my understanding that most of these people do this for a living? (could be wrong). They travel around to all the cons and conventions hoping to win first place (apparently theres prize money?) I'm lost in terms of anime. I wont express my feelings on it as to not offend any anime fans :)

Edited by RazzaTazz

@gambler: It is an entertaining show at times, kind of like Face Off, but worse. They do try to make a living at it, but it is more so as working for the conventions, promoting and selling their services, or creating their own brand. the prize money is not as important it seems. They more like the prestige of the winning, as that itself lends itself to their credibility.