Happy Coincidence, Mr. President

I am a bit of a Marilyn Monroe fanatic, most people don't know that about me, but for all those that read my blogs, there it is.  After a few months of trying to track down an issue, I finally managed to order it online and it got to me recently and now it is reviewed (it was disappointing).  Not to dwell on this though, I did notice something interesting though only a coincidence.  Earlier in the year I wrote once that I noticed in the series Mystery in Space that twice characters managed to prognosticate the moon landing within a few months, this issue featured the only appearance of both President Kennedy and Marilyn Monroe in the same issue before their speculated affair.  Well, I should qualify that, I am not enough of a popular culture junkie to know when the rumours first started about the two, but they certainly hit the mainstream when Marilyn sang her famous rendition of Happy Birthday to JFK about 8 months after this issue of Superman's Pal Jimmy Olsen (#56) came out.  It has no meaning whatsoever, just something that occurred to me while I was reading it (also to be fair the two do not appear in the same story.)  

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Well of course, it is coincidence and nothing more....

(Ssssh! They may be listening.)

Posted by RazzaTazz
@BumpyBoo: Golden age writers were sending secret messages to the CIA in comics.  Wait til I tell you what Ace the Bat Hound was being used for :P
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J.F.K. was a lucky lucky man

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@danhimself: Until 1230 pm November 22, 1963 I would agree.