From the Earth to the Moon

My apologies beforehand for another entry on Mystery in Space as it is uncommon for me to write twice in one day on this series which doesn't have much to do with modern comics.  After an absence from comics for a few weeks I got back in by starting with this series as I am trying to slowly chip away at getting them all read and reviewed.  One thing in particular caught my attention though as I was reading.  Generally speaking in this speculative fiction based more of of conjecture than fact the dates which are thrown around are pretty extreme and unrealistic.  For instance, in one story in issue 32 there is an invading group of aliens in the year 1986 to which we promptly fly to the stars to stop them, something which is obviously not based in fact.  However, for the second time in ten issues this series correctly predicted the landing of manned spacecraft on the moon by a margin of less than 12 months.  Of course in the case of the panel shown here, it makes an easy marker to say that something will happen before 1970 as we humans have a tendency to give extra value to numbers ending in zero, but the previous one was off by only a few months in 1969 when astronauts landed on the moon.  In this case it is interesting that the scientific and technological achievement which was the most possible was also the most easily prognosticated.  
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Flying cars by 1982!!

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@jloneblackheart: It could happen!