Fire Drill Lexicon

One of the interesting things about some of the series involving armies or military units is the fact that a certain amount of lexicon is included in the series.  By lexicon I mean the language that militaries use to describe their own world, where things are not described the same way they are for the rest of us.  There is an over-reliance on acronyms, abbreviations or model numbers.  Thus when this is done in comics it can be an interesting look into their world, or it can be a bit of a tedious experience.  For instance, in the first few issues of Men of War, they seemed to be making excuses to create situations just to introduce these terms, almost as though the writer had had to research the terms and wanted to use them at any cost (which incidentally for me made the first issues even worse and more confusing than they were already.)  In the 'Nam series the terms are included generally at the back of the book so that those that want to look them up can, but which aren't forced upon the reader.  So while I generally like this approach of the 'Nam better it also uses more terms of slang throughout, which generally is handled well enough, except in one particular case, and that is with the term "Chinese Fire Dril."  it is an old term which means a chaotic or poorly executed situation, but it still does hold a certain amount of racist undertones.  I am aware of modern militaries and the words they use for nationalities which they don't like.  In the case of the 'Nam though an otherwise pretty good series misses the mark on this one I think.  
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