Fight through it ... come on ...I know you are in there somewhere


I am a little behind the curve on the Green Lantern crossover front, as opposed to what others read contemporrily I read a few years later, having recently worked my way through major events Sinestro Corps War and Blackest Night.  This was sort of a summer time project and now that I am back in school my reading will slow down I am sure.   I have basically been reading both of Green Lantern and Green Lantern Corps in their entirety to get up to speed on the characters and storylines.  Along the way I have discovered a new favourite character (Soranik), and to be fair in any fictional medium any character depends on the writing and the writing here in both series has been excellent thus far (though Green Lantern Corps seems a bit better.)  Blackest Night itself, other than some logistical issues (I think it was the first crossover to start with these annoying separate short miniseries tie-ins which for instance bogged down Flashpoint so much) was quite an excellent series.  I would personally put it behind only Crisis on Infinite Earths and Infinite Crisis in terms of DC company wide crossovers.   Numerous things combined to make this such a standout series, and really the action in Green Lantern Corps was among the main thrust to keep the whole thing going.  One of my other favourite parts though was the very nature of the Black Lanterns.  There is an overdone cliche in comics that whenever a hero is captured by some sort of mind control that another hero races up to them or in the thick of battle starts yelling at them "I know you are in there somewhere, fight through this, don't let it control you" (this happened most recently with Nova in the Secret Avegners.)  However, in Blackest Night save for one exception this strategy never worked (in the case that it did work it was with Wonder Woman, who escaped the control through divine intervention).  This is one of those comic book dilemmas which only ever has one resolution, and Blackest Night sort of showed that failing the old standby of telling another hero to fight through the control, that there is no real option which any hero can think of. 

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