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I am about to write two blogs on a character that appeared once in comics, just as a forewarning to any of those that read these blogs that might wonder what has come over me.  The character in question is one named Sheffield, a female operative on an alien planet.  The first thing which I found to be interesting about her was her appearance.  I should state beforehand that this week was the first when I have ever read a Dejah Thoris comic, that being the White Apes of Mars.  If there is one thing to be said about Dejah’s costume, it is that she doesn’t have much of one which is a statement applicable in comparison even to many other superheroines.  To get back to Sheffield, she also has a pretty distinctive costume.  The cover of the issue contains here wearing what is essentially a sci-fi thong with minimal covering up top.  The part which I found the most interesting though is that when her superior asks why she thinks that she can wear clothes like that she replies that she has patterned her costume of the moment on Dejah Thoris.  The copying of costumes is a common enough thing in comics, but if it is done it is usually either never mentioned, or the artist gives credit to the inspiration in the editorial column.  This is the first time I have ever seen a character give the inspiration though.  It might seem a bit weird, especially so that at the time of it creations at which the comic in which this occurs was published, that Dejah Thoris was not as much in the public consciousness as she is now with a movie this year as well as a relatively successful comic book series.  This makes the attribution in itself fairly obscure, but even more so in its format of recognition.

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As I question the practicality of such a costume I have to wonder if the motivation is more that of the writer's own proclivities. This critique is equally applicable to the creator of Dejah Thoris (Burroughs) and the creator of Red Sonja (Roy Thomas/Frank Thorne) .

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