Fantasy Girls Living in Fantasy Worlds

One of my biggest comic discoveries of the past year (or maybe even in my life) was that of the Zenescope stories focused around Grimm Fairy Tales.  Although some write these series off as "for women only" they do indeed have a great deal of depth that deal with contemporary issues in a far better way than do the main companies.  Among the most intriguing of these characters have been the ones that populate the Wonderland series, namely Calie Liddle, Alice Liddle and the others.  In terms of the success of this series I am not entirely sure as I do not track sales at comic companies, but I do know that the concept was good enough that the Wonderland series got its own ongoing series as well as a board game (which I have to acquire when it comes out, even though I don't often play board games.)   Previously with DC in the new I have noticed that they are trying to increase their market share by seemingly copying some elements of what looked good at Marvel (OMAC was kind of the DC version of the Hulk, Mister Terrific had aspects of Tony Stark) so I wonder now if the creative (or business minds) at DC have decided to channel a little Wonderland with the revival of Gemworld.  Granted Amethyst has existed long before Calie, but the tone of the series seems to nearly identical, and the fact that they are respectively in months 1 and 2 of their series, it is strange that they will be growing in unrelated parallels (incidentally they are even released in the same week.)  I read the first Sword of Sorcery issue and I was impressed and I am onboard now, and I was already a fan of the Wonderland series.  It will be interesting to see where they go from here.  
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Posted by danhimself

I really enjoy the Wonderland's fun to see new darker/twisted takes on the characters....I picked up the Sword of Sorcery first issue just to give it a try thinking that I was going to hate it but I actually enjoyed it enough that I'll be sticking around for a few issues to see how it goes

Posted by Aiden Cross

I've never read this series but i'm rather curious. I like reading spins on famous tales. :)

Posted by RazzaTazz
@Aiden Cross: GFT does a lot of them - Peter Pan, Jungle Book and the upcoming Robin Hood and Sleepy Hollow.  
Posted by RazzaTazz
@lykopis: Not my style actually, though they look good on a superhero costume :)
Posted by Inverno

Never heard the series... Zenoscope is unavailable where I live. I find funny you mentioned Amethyst, there is quite an interesting story behind it.

Posted by Aiden Cross

@RazzaTazz: Interesting, i'll have to check out the series then. To be honest, the cover always made me think it would be overly sexy.

Posted by Renchamp

I found a ton of these in the bargain bin last week. I left them. The wife wouldn't like the cover art...

Posted by RazzaTazz
@Renchamp: She would like what was inside