Egypt on our minds

I am maybe not coming from the best point for this commentary.  At present I am reading a book on the hieroglyphs of ancient Egypt and their various meanings and derivations, but as I was working through some more Mystery in Space last week, I also happened across a story involving a sphinx that can shoot rays from its eyes.  Strangely enough this is not the first golden age story that I have read with such a theme, with sphinxes having shown up on two separate occasions of golden age Wonder Woman, and at least once that I can remember in the silver age.  This for me highlights something which is interesting about popular culture, and that is a focus on ancient Egypt at the expense of other ancient civilizations.  I find ancient Egypt fascinating, but not really more so than say the story of the Phoenicians or the Persians.  There are a couple of qualifiers I suppose.  One is that the history of Egypt is generally better understood.  Another is that to a lot of the ancient peoples that the Egyptians themselves were considered ancient (the pyramids were built about 2000 years before the rise of ancient Greece.)  Still in terms of accomplishments and mystery the Egyptians do not really surpass other groups of people from the ancient world, yet the Egyptian wings at museums are the most visited and the derivation of study of ancient Egypt has given us the field of Egyptology, sometimes serious, sometimes not.  So while the deep sense of mystery remains for some, for me it has always been more of a mystery about the mystery, of why the fascination with this time and place.  
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