Cute colour spectrum

Slate magazine has put together this color spectrum of cartoon characters, which drew in some comic book characters as well.   


The original (and more interactive) article is here
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Posted by SC

Awwh cool! Disappointed Elektra is not there though... or B2. Woah, they don't even have Clifford... I think we could do a better one Razzy...

Posted by RazzaTazz
I think they have done pretty well with this one.  We might come up with better stuff, but they made room for Skeletor and Professor X in the same wheel. 
Posted by SC
@RazzaTazz:  Challenge accepted Nadian! (is that a term? It has to be... hopefully its not bad lol)
Posted by thehummingbird

I feel depressed I recognize all of these O__O 

Posted by Hydraboob


Posted by MrUnknown

That's pretty cool! Do the colors represent anything other than their appearance?

Posted by RazzaTazz
No but I think it is a fairly accurate colour wheel
Posted by cosmo111687

I love this!

Posted by No_Name_

This is so cute! Thank you so much for sharing it, Raz! :D

Posted by Sparklykiss

This is pretty awesome! You could make a wheel like this with Pokemon alone, too. :) I love projects like this.

Posted by doomsilver

that is pretty cool
Posted by Squares

Huh, I'd never really call Captain Planet, the Hulk or Beast 'cute'.

Posted by cattlebattle

this is one of the coolest things I've ever seen

Posted by Eyz

Pretty cool, actually :D

Posted by Carolina574

Thats pretty awesome

Posted by RedOwl_1

Wow Hulk is green and Mystique blue


Posted by BlackArmor


Posted by Yumulu

I feel proud I recognize all of those. Life well spent!