Clash of the Comics 5 - Sabretooth and Radioactive Man


Clash of the Comics 5

Sabretooth vs. Radioactive Man


Sabretooth's origin is obscure and not fully developed.  He is often portrayed as being linked with Logan and of having an abusive upbringing.

Radioactive Man, or to his mother Chen Lu, was a nuclear physicist with the revolutionary idea of exposing himself to deadly radiation in small dosages, in the hopes that one day he could be given a super massive dose, that wouldn't kill him... he clashes against the Mighty Thor, is beat up and then decides to become a career super villain, Avengers villain, until recent years where he has become somewhat of a reformed villain and semi hero. 

RazzaTazz: I go with Radioactive Man, its a more compelling background than one which is somewhat vague.  

SC: Sabretooth, he has too many not to win. He cheats a bit as well, in that sense, also his one shot origin issue was pretty good IIRC. Unless it’s been ret conned, which it probably has... 


Sabretooth's powers are very similar to Logan's.  Accelerated healing, enhanced senses, superhuman strength (due to the healing factor) and claws.  

Radioactive Man glows in the dark! Can make you dizzy, nauseous, dry mouthed, confused, hot, ill, etc, he is like a walking roofie. Probably can do more serious things as well, plus he can fight Thor? So he is no joke, but yeah... his main power is glowing in the dark... 

RazzaTazz: Sabretooth seems mostly like a rip-off of Wolverine, sort of like the Reverse Flash was for the Flash.  Originality wins out for me here.  

SC: Being a walking and talking cell phone battery sounds cool in theory, but glowing in the dark must make night time activities a real hassle. Being able to land on your feet from falling from heights and super senses also, on the other hand, could and would be rather useful. Blondie. 


Sabretooth is often depicted as somewhat feral,so even though he has a traditional like costume, he is often shown in a more wild state.  

Spiffy customized Bee Keeper meets paramilitary fashion has a sort of Lady Gaga like vibe. That’s when he is not naked and glowing. When not wearing his yellow suit, Radioactive Man can also be seen wearing clothes that are the same tone of green as his skin. So even when he is not naked, he'll look naked. 

RazzaTazz: Sabretooth's costume sort of defines him, in that he is totally chaotic and so is it.  I go with his here.  

SC: Sabretooth has a fur lined collar! Chen is in a Bee Keepers suit and when he is not, he is wearing the equivalent of a nude suit. Can we have two losers as opposed to one winner? No? Okay, erm... Sabretooth... 


Sabretooth is sort of the flip coin to Wolverine.  Whereas Wolverine has endured much pain and loss in his life, he still remains a hero.  Sabretooth on the other hand chooses to act in a villainous way as a reaction to the world.  

At first Radioactive Man personality consisted of being angry and patriotic. In recent times though, Chen has grown quite an expansive personality, sound and being pretty funny, smart and cheery. You could say his personality is intoxicating... heh heh... uhm. 


RazzaTazz:  I am going to take a biased approach here, because I study science, so RM takes it.  Sabretooth is too much of a copy of Wolverine anyway.  

SC: Ooh, this one was hard for me. One is smart, the other is ruthless, one is cheery, the other is hairy. Sabes has been a pretty solid character for a long time, Radioactive Man has been a bit more inconsistent... I'll go with Sabes all up. 


Sabretooth is the anti-Logan, in some ways he is the exact same character except he is the flip side of the coin.  That having been said the way he is portrayed is exactly what you would want out of his background.  

Distinctly Asian looking which is great, but sort of again, thats secondary to the whole glowing green thing, and also now and then the whole yellow bee keeping outfit look. Very big and study looking character though. 

RazzaTazz: Similar to the costume, Sabretooth wins the Aesthetics game here as he is wild and his actions and demeanour reflect that.  

SC: I have a thing for tall blondes. Then again, I like glow in the dark toys... actually neither is true. The opposite really. Can I vote for neither again? Oh, well Sabes then. I like animals, and he looks more like one. Best reason ever! 

Best Story Arc:

Like many other X-men villains, Sabretooth at one point joins the X-Men, but this was not like the others who were treated as equals.  Sabretooth is never fully trusted, and is on the team only as a formality.  

Thunderbolts. Radioactive Man got lots of cool and fun moments in this story arc! Warren Ellis and Mike Deodato explore this character's personalities in new and cool ways. 

RazzaTazz: I will go with Radioactive Man here, stories which develop a character are what make good comics great.  

SC: Oh I loved Supernova's arc, Sabes was awesome here. Oh but Radioactive's Thunderbolts arc totally helped reinvent the character and modernize him... tough, tough, tough. 

Fun Fact:

His age is undetermined as his healing factor keeps him alive almost indefinitely.  Some have suggested that they fought him in a ancient Roman gladiatorial arena.

Norman Osborn actually insisted that Chen Lu wear his costume even though he no longer needed to, for marketing/publicity reasons, and the belief that America public would like him more, if his Asian and well err radioactive nature were downplayed

RazzaTazz: Discrimnation is an important topic, but being a gladiator?  Thats really cool.  Sabretooth here.  

SC: Cosplay as a gladiator is cool, but medium savvy snark poking light fun at readers... I give this one to Chen.  

Media Portrayal:

Had a fairly prominent supporting role in the first X-Men movie.  In X Men Origins: Wolverine he was the major villain and played by Liev Schreiber.  Also is a common villain in X-Men cartoons.  

Strangely Radioactive Man ended up on Simpsons looking much more red and with a sidekick, Fall Out Boy. ;)

RazzaTazz: Sabretooth wins it here by having some, despite the non-canon appearance in the Simpsons of RM.

SC: It takes a special type of actor to go from a hulking, blonde musclebound oaf, to a snarling, vicious, cruel killer, its almost as if Sabretooth has had two different actors play him! So on the strength of that I give him the point. Also err, a very young SC vaguely remembers seeing cartoon Sabes in TAS X-Men. 

RazzaTazz: 4 - 4

SC: 6 - 1

Total : 10 - 5    
Posted by fesak

his main power is glowing in the dark...?
Seriously? Have you even read a comic with Radioactive Man?

Posted by A_O_N
@fesak: lol I laughed too when I first read it but it's SC pulling his usual antics. It really creates a nice dynamic!

And as always nice figures and song selection, Razz ;)