One of the interesting design challenges of comic books is that they are often given the task of telling a story much the same as in other works of fiction but with the constraints of the visual medium. In a lot of cases this can be quite beneficial to the stories, as harder to include concepts end up being shown, whether that be ancient gods or other worlds. Equally though, comics can be limited in a different manner. For a more evocative exposure to a setting, one would probably choose a novel, for a more action focused approach, live action is better (think about watching a choreographed action sequence versus seeing them panel by panel). One of the most clever applications that I have seen recently was in the comic Shahrazad. The character is shown in three different time periods and periods of her life which act as a form of a montage. I am still not exactly sure what to make of the series itself, but that one image was evocative enough to make me think that both the artist and writer have a good idea about where to take this.

Such a simple yet effective message would not be possible in another medium and so the creative team here requires some credit for what they have conceived of.

Posted by MadeinBangladesh

nice blor... damn that art looks great.

Posted by RazzaTazz

@madeinbangladesh: Its compelling, I also like how they halved her eyes to make that effect, kind of like a continuous procession of what she has seen.