Captain Canuck Webisode 1 Review

This episode is the first of the new web series focused on Canadian superhero Captain Canuck. The title of the episode is "Happy Canada Day" which actually came out yesterday on Canada Day. The story doesn't waste anytime getting into the action instead starting off with a battle atop one of the downtown hotels in Ottawa. Based as it is in a more campy setting from the 1970s, this episode does a good enough job bridging the gap between the two. It thus kind of proceeds with the idea that someone at least knows who Captain Canuck is, but doesn't require it at the same time. As it is a webisode, the animation is not the greatest, but this is made up for with fast pace, essentially nothing can be taken for granted, so everything which shows up is worth the effort. In the end the campiness seems to be bridged as the two villains are introduced in a much more menacing way.

I would say from a subjective standpoint, that the series has some distance to go to be taken seriously, but at least it has started down that path. After all compare the two presentations of the character, one from the original series, one from the webisode:

We will proceed on snowmobiles to our igloos, eh!
How is the view from up there?

In the end, as it stands I am not sure if the series would be worth watching while it is getting through its growing pains, but that would be if these were long episodes. The first episode is only three minutes long and so it is presented in a length which makes it easy to watch so that one is not overcome with the limitations.

For anyone interested the entire webisode is available here:

Posted by AweSam

I watched it earlier. I really can't take a guy named "Captain Canuck" seriously. Aside from that, what bother me wasn't the animation, but the character design. He was too bulky. Just made it look like even more of a kids show. The voice acting wasn't that great either. I know web-shows are meant to be short, but would kill them to at least it make it five minutes?

I'll see how the show turns out, but I have a feeling it'll make Canada look a bit... silly. I prefer it when we remain out of sight.

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@awesam: Wait a minute? You are Canadian? Why did I think you are German?

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@razzatazz: I don't recall doing, or saying anything that would suggest I'm German.

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I thought the voice acting was pretty great, especially the guy that did CC

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@awesam: Oh, my mistake, you must have talked about strudel at one point or something like that.

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Posted by CanadianWolvie

I recently picked up hardcover reprint of issues #4-10 titled simply Captain Canuck (vol 1) out of curiosity.

I love Indie developed stuff but I would be the first to admit, Indie stuff only survives by being good, really good. And this is not that good, its so dated, jingoistic, and more than a bit racist.

Just by having just read that (barely), the webisode is so much better by comparison. I hope it goes someplace, like CSIS being behind the bombing and Harper trying to hunt down Captain Canuck as a fugitive so he can fulfill his dream of Canada no longer being recognizable when he is done with the place. Hopefully the scenery will span the full possibilities of Canada and CC's gear will have some interesting variety ... but first and foremost, why didn't the webisode cover CC's origin story? And does he have to be a white guy?

Posted by canuckdad

I realize this came out a year ago but thought I would jump in. I loved the web series. after watching all of it I feel Cpt Canuck is a cross between Cpt America, a SHIELD agent, and blue beetle ( because they both have alien armor and tech) but with a hint of cheesy humor that reminds me of old Capt Marvel comics from the 50's , but then again Canadian humor is very much like cpt marvel 50;s humor lol.. basically its a light hearted spy series.. I am totally cool with that. Love the series and the new comic series that just started